The launch of the Xiaomi 13 Ultra is becoming clearer, Dark mode finally on Paint, this is the recap

The launch of the Xiaomi 13 Ultra scheduled for June 7, 2023, Microsoft finally adds a Dark mode on Paint, the creators of a pirate IPTV site are sentenced to 30 years in prison, this is the news recap of June 2, 2023 .

Credits: Xiaomi

What’s new in the Android and High-Tech universe on Phonandroid this Friday, June 2, 2023? At the end of the day, we mentioned in our columns important news for all bikers.

Indeed, the Council of State has just given 2 months to the government to establish the famous technical control of motorized two-wheelers. Minister Delegate for Transport Clément Beaune confirmed that the executive would comply with the decision of the supreme court. In a completely different area, Diablo IV was also at the center of the news. Blizzard’s new game has opened its early access to all Ultimate version buyers. Only, a license bug prevents many players from launching the game. Blizzard is currently working to resolve the problem.

We also talked about Netflix on Phonandroid. For good reason, MP Louis Boyard (LFI) wants to table a bill to force Netflix to reverse the ban on account sharing. But without further ado, let’s see together what it was imperative to remember in the news of this Friday, June 2, 2023.

The launch of the Xiaomi 13 Ultra scheduled for June 7?

A countdown has just appeared on the Xiaomi site. Everything suggests that the manufacturer is preparing the ground for the launch of the Xiaomi 13 Ultra. For good reason, the rumors and revelations about him have become more and more numerous in recent weeks.

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Better late than never as the saying goes. Microsoft has finally decided to add a feature that Paint users have been asking for for a long time: Dark mode!

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IPTV: the creators of a pirate site get 30 years in prison

The creators of Flawless, one of the biggest IPTV platforms, have just been caught by British justice. Indeed, these five men received a total of 30 years in prison and several million pounds in fines. Mark Gould, the thinking head of the project, was given the heaviest sentence: 11 years in prison.

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