The leaked Sonos Sub Mini design: a cheaper subwoofer than the Sub

The Verge posts an image of the Sono Sub Mini subwoofer, which may launch soon at a more affordable price than the Sub.

Sonos Sub Mini design leaked // Source: The Verge

While the Sonos Ray soundbar was presented a few days ago, more affordable than the Sonos Beam, the brand would soon launch a new subwoofer more affordable than the Sonos Sub which currently costs 799 euros. Named Sub Mini, its design was unveiled by The Verge.

A subwoofer that had already leaked a few months ago

Back in November, a Reddit user noticed a mention of a “Sub Mini” device in the Sonos mobile app. Hard to believe this is an error on Sonos’ part; at the time the product was described as a ” smaller, cylindrical subwoofer compared to the Sub.

The design of the Sonos Sub Mini confirmed by The Verge

The American media has just confirmed the existence of a Sonos Sub Mini and even shares a first glimpse of its design. An image that corroborates the physical description of the box last November in the Sonos application.The Verge states that its model name is Sonos S37: a number that comes just after the Sonos S36, which is actually the Sonos Ray soundbar.

The particularity of this still mysterious subwoofer is that it has a part cut out in the middle in the shape of a pill, where that of the Sub was rectangular. On the components, they would obviously be smaller and less powerful.

The range of speakers, soundbars and audio devices from sonos
The range of speakers, sound bars and audio devices from sonos // Source: Sonos

The Vergedoes not yet know the different features, the release date, or even the price of the Sonos Sub Mini. But we can assume that this speaker will complement the brand’s range of soundbars with a cheaper subwoofer, which can accompany the recently announced Sonos Ray.

A new leak for Sonos, which tells us that the Sub Mini could be released in the coming months

However, the specialized media got wind of a call from Patrick Spence, CEO of Sonos to investors last February. He reportedly said that “In fiscal 2022, we are focused on launching new products in our existing product categories“. If this statement is true, it could therefore be that the Sonos Sub Mini will be announced, or even launched before the fall, with Sonos’ fiscal year ending in September 2022. The CEO has also “expressed frustration internally with Sonos staff over an increase in leaks, according to people familiar with the matter“. This is what happened in particular for the new colors of the Sonos Roam or the announcement of Sonos Voice Control, the voice assistant for the brand’s speakers.

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