The left protests against a forum of soldiers in “Current values” and the call of Marine Le Pen to join it

Part of the left blasted Saturday April 24 the publication in Current values a platform of several soldiers, including 20 retired generals, evoking “The disintegration” from France, followed by a letter from Marine Le Pen inviting them to join her for the presidential election.

Wednesday, the far-right weekly published a column launched by Jean-Pierre Fabre-Bernadac, a former career officer and head of the Place d’Armes website, calling on Emmanuel Macron to stand up for patriotism. According to the newspaper, this letter was signed by “About twenty generals, a hundred high-ranking officers and more than a thousand other soldiers”. The names of the signatories were published on the site of Mr. Fabre-Bernadac, at the origin of the open letter.

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” Civil war “

These soldiers denounce the “Disintegration” which according to them strikes the homeland and “Which, through a certain anti-racism, is displayed with a single aim: to create on our soil a malaise, even a hatred between the communities”.

“Discrimination which, with Islamism and the suburban hordes, leads to the detachment of multiple plots of the nation to transform them into territories subject to dogmas contrary to our constitution,” they still believe. Disintegration, because (…) the government uses the police as auxiliary agents and scapegoats in the face of French people in yellow vests expressing their despair. “

“We are ready to support policies which will take into consideration the safeguard of the nation”, they add, before concluding:

“On the other hand, if nothing is done, laxity will continue to spread inexorably in society, ultimately causing an explosion and the intervention of our active comrades in a perilous mission of protecting our civilizational values ​​and safeguarding of our compatriots on the national territory.

As we can see, it is no longer time to procrastinate, otherwise, tomorrow the civil war will put an end to this growing chaos, and the deaths, for which you will bear the responsibility, will number in the thousands. “

Two days after the publication of this column, Current values posted a response from Marine Le Pen on Friday: “As a citizen and as a politician, I subscribe to your analyzes and share your grief. “” I invite you to join our action to take part in the battle which is opening, which is certainly a political and peaceful battle, but which is above all the battle for France “, writes in particular the president of the National Assembly (RN).

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The left denounces a threat of a coup

What to provoke the ire of several figures of the left who denounced the lack of reaction of the government.

The founder of La France insoumise (LFI), Jean-Luc Mélenchon, lambasted the “Astonishing declaration of soldiers arrogating to themselves the right to call on their active colleague to intervene against the Islamogauchists”. On Twitter, the MP recalled that provoking disobedience by the military is punishable by article 413-3 of the penal code :

“60 years after the start of the ‘Algiers coup’, 20 generals are explicitly threatening the Republic with a military coup”, was also outraged on Twitter the former socialist presidential candidate, Benoît Hamon. He was also surprised at the lack of reaction from the Minister of the Armed Forces, Florence Parly, or Emmanuel Macron.

“The soldiers are calling for a witch hunt, an eradication, to defend“ civilizational values ​​”against the Republic, it ends with a threat of civil war, Le Pen salutes these factious apprentices and? Nothing. We’re waking up ? “, added LFI deputy Eric Coquerel, still on Twiter. Conclusion, for the deputy Aurélien Taché (The New Democrats): “French democracy is indeed threatened. “

The previous week, Current values had published a column by Philippe de Villiers titled “I call for insurrection”. His brother, Pierre de Villiers, former chief of staff of the armed forces is cited by some as a possible presidential candidate in 2022.

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