The Lego x Overwatch 2 sets postponed, end of the partnership?

While we are still waiting for an official release date for Overwatch 2, the Lego brand has announced that it will postpone the release of the OW 2 sets, the time to analyze the situation of its partnership with Blizzard. Indeed, the Danish company has evoked a desire to take stock of its contract with Activision-Blizzard, following the various cases surrounding the American studio.

Lego x Overwatch 2 sets pushed back

While Overwatch 2 was announced 812 days ago (as of January 12, 2022), the first Lego x OW2 sets should have landed in stores in early February. However, the Danish brand preferred to postpone this release in order to analyze the situation around Activision Blizzard a little. It must be said that the studio’s brand image was particularly shaken during the year 2021, in particular with a case between the group and the State of California. This concerns serious breaches of ethics, in particular with regard to the treatment of women within the company, which has prompted many managers to quit their posts.

This case and the resulting situation have already had negative impacts on the partnerships of the Overwatch League, which has lost several sponsors. So, it is not surprising to see Lego delaying the release of these sets.

Especially since these were probably linked to the release of Overwatch 2. However, Blizzard has still not revealed the release date of its FPS, which continues to be expected by players …

A release date for OW 2?

Currently, it is difficult to predict a release date for Overwatch 2. While we expected the arrival of the game (even in an early version) in April on the Overwatch League, a release not before the start of the school year is now appearing. a certainty for OW2. In the meantime, you can find all the latest news on video games and esports on Gamosaurus.

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