The Linky counter does not have a camera to spy on you

Over the years, the Linky counter has raised various and varied concerns among users. For some time now, we have observed a growing number of users who have decided to stick tape on the LED of the Enedis connected meter, for fear that it is a spy camera. This is obviously not the case.

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Since its introduction a few years ago, Enedis’ connected meter has raised many concerns among users. The device has been repeatedly accused of causing health problems in electrosensitive people (headaches, chronic fatigue, insomnia and dizziness).

In this regard, Enedis lost its case against 13 plaintiffs with electrosensitivity in January 2022. The company was sentenced to “decontaminate the electricity” provided to users with EHS under penalty of paying them €500 each per day of delay.

This is not the only controversy around the Linky, which has been suspected pell-mell of displaying greater risks of fire or overconsumption. The Linky is also particularly vulnerable to ants. For good reason, a thousand meters break down each year because of these insects.

Users convinced that the Linky is spying on them

But lately, we have seen a strange new trend flourish on social networks: sticking tape on the LED of the Linky. For what ? In truth, the rationale is very simple. Some users fear that this LED actually houses a hidden camera, which would be exploited by the company to spy on their actions.

Faced with the growing concern of users, Enedis decided to speak out to reassure them. As you might expect, this blinking light doesn’t hide a camera. On the contrary, it is an indicator to quickly consult its energy consumption.

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A simple indicator of your energy consumption

The Linky meter flashes more or less rapidly to indicate the quantity of electricity consumed. The more the flashing frequency increases, the more your consumption increases. You just have to plug or unplug one of your electrical devices to see this”, explains Enedis on the FAQ dedicated to the meter.

Furthermore, the company points out that its connected meter respects the privacy of users.No personal information (name or bank details) is transmitted by the meter. The customer remains the owner of his consumption information”. In addition, the company specifies that the Linky does not know the details of the consumption of each electrical appliance in a household.

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