The Lion King: Disney Remake To Be Continued


Disney will continue the successful remake of "The Lion King". Director Barry Jenkins confirmed this on Twitter.

"The Lion King 2" is being planned: The Disney remake from 2019 will receive a sequel. The US industry magazine "Deadline" reports. An Oscar winner will direct, like this one himself on twitter confirmed.

"Yes, exactly that," tweeted Barry Jenkins (40), sharing the report from "Deadline". Jenkins won an Oscar in 2017 for the screenplay of his film "Moonlight". The film also won in the "Best Picture" category. The director takes over from John Favreau (53), who realized the first "The Lion King" part and gave the original cartoon from 1994 a new coat of paint with photo-realistic animation images. The new director will also use the technology. Jeff Nathanson, 54, will write the script again.

It is not yet known exactly what the new part will be about. According to "Deadline", Mufasa will deal with the young years as well as the actual plot of the first part. A start date for the production and the premiere have not yet been set.