The lion’s den: Kofler completely tears dog snacks apart – “good gag”

E-scooters are everywhere. In every major city of any size, companies like Tier, Voi, Lime, Bolt and more have set up e-scooters that allow customers to get around town quickly. No wonder that Alexander Rech and Ines Wöckl founded a start-up that is primarily aimed at e-scooter users. With “Flasher” the two have founded a company that is supposed to provide more security.

The idea: Two electronic light bracelets that work like turn signals in a car. Depending on whether you brake or want to turn, the wristbands react to corresponding movements and then trigger the appropriate lights on the right and left arm. Especially useful for e-scooter riders, as they cannot give hand signals. The lions are enthusiastic, but will they get in for the 150,000 euros with ten percent of the shares offered?

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