“The Lion’s Den”: “Megalomaniacs” want a record amount

“The Lions’ Den”
“Megalomaniacs” want a record amount

Dagmar Wöhrl tests the record wheelchair.

© RTL / Bernd-Michael Maurer

A start-up wants five million, and Georg Kofler and Ralf Dümmel are teaming up for the first time. Not the only records.

Five million euros. In the new episode of “Die Höhle der Löwen”, a start-up demands a record amount from investors – and that for just 10 percent of the company’s shares. Another founder offers 49 percent for this. In addition, for the first time in the history of “DHDL”, two specific Alpha Lions are teaming up. And an investor calls for advice for the first time, as otherwise only candidates do.

Katharina Bickel (42) steps in front of the “big cats” (Bickel) with the support of five small cats. Of course she presents an invention for cats: “Catlabs”. Sustainable toy with exchangeable fragrance filling. Because conventional cat accessories break quickly and are filled with little nature-friendly polyester. That’s not social enough for the founder, she has the toys sewn fairly in a factory in Nepal. Cats always walk, especially on the internet. That’s why social media marketing professional Georg Kofler (64) rushes straight away. He takes Ralf Dümmel (54) on board for sales. Dagmar Wöhrl (67) and Nils Glagau (45) are also teaming up. The duo Dümmel / Kofler would have liked to have 30 for the required 75,000 euros instead of the 15 percent offered. Glagau / Wöhrl would be satisfied with 20 percent. Dümmel and Kofler get the contract. For the first time the two lions work together.

Currywurst in a glass

According to an ADAC survey, he offers the “best currywurst in North Rhine-Westphalia”, but due to the corona pandemic, Marco Peters (48) was unable to sell it from his food truck for a long time. So the Duisburg-based company wants to bring the sausage to the supermarket with his start-up “Eat it doesn’t matter”. Currywurst in a glass is the answer. There are also sauces such as mango or strawberry curry – and a vegan alternative made from oatmeal, cheese and egg. Peters offers a generous 49 percent company shares for 49,000 euros. Currywurst fan Ralf Dümmel storms onto the stage without consulting the other lions. Not for a second look, but literally and symbolically shaking hands with Peters. Peters strikes (symbolically). 49 percent: There has never been such a high proportion. “You almost have to cut the percentages,” says Dümmel. But he didn’t do it.

Mikes Bökenkrögers (44) hobby is go-karting, it started with the engine of a lawnmower. The tinkerer has now equipped a hoe for gardening with a motor. The inventor of “Hackboe” promises no more back pain while gardening. For this he would like 150,000 euros for 20 percent. However, the cost of a single device at 900 euros is too high for the Lions to reach the broad market. It is only suitable for professionals or large garden owners like Carsten Maschmeyer (62). All the lions get out.

Victoria Noack (24) promises the “ultimate app”. The business student introduces “HealthMe” and would like to have 250,000 euros for 17.5 percent for the “digital shopping helper”. The app can be used to scan the barcode of a product in the supermarket. If you have entered your allergies beforehand, “HealthMe” will show you whether the product is harmful to you. Carsten Maschmeyer would like to “hook them up” and team up with Nils Glagau, but they both want 30 percent. Too much for Noack, she only wants to give 26 percent. Deal.

Too much poker for a record

During their studies, Thomas Gemperle (34), Pascal Buholzer (29) and Bernhard Winter (24) came up with the “crazy idea” of building an electric wheelchair for climbing stairs. The Swiss are asking for the record sum of five million euros. They estimate their company to be worth 50 million euros. Therefore, there would only be a measly ten percent share for the lions. The “coolest electric wheelchair in the world” (self-description) not only brings ten km / h to the road, with two built-in runners, the “Scewo Bro” also climbs stairs. As the only wheelchair ready for the market. The seat can also be raised to almost a meter.

“It’s like something out of a science fiction film,” says Dagmar Wöhrl. Georg Kofler calls the founders “megalomaniac”, which of course they see as a compliment. For most Lions, however, five million is too high. Not the founders, but Carsten Maschmeyer telephones a partner. Also a premiere of the show, which is not so well received by the other lions. But even for him the dimensions are too high. He sees a market that is too small for the “Rolls-Royce of the wheelchair”. So not a record investment.


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