The lion’s den: New guest investor and prominent founders

The TV news in the GALA ticker: “The Lion’s Den”: This is the new guest investor Sarna Röser +++ “The Rosenheim Cops”: Marisa Burger shows a child’s photo of her daughter +++ “The Bachelor”: Dominik Stuckmann takes a position on resume allegations.

TV news 2022 in the GALA ticker

February 23, 2022

“The Lion’s Den” receives support from entrepreneur Sarna Röser

The start-up show “The Lion’s Den” is entering a new season. From April 4, 2022, founders will try again to get investors enthusiastic about their ideas. Also this year Dagmar Wöhrl, 67, Judith Williams, 50, Georg Kofler, 64, as well as Carsten Maschmeyer, 62, Nico Rosberg, 36, Ralf Dümmel, 55, and Nils Glagau, 46, will fight for the best companies and the DHDL – Support participants not only financially but also professionally. This year there are some exciting innovations.

On the one hand, there is support in the lion’s den: Sarna Röser, 34, will appear as a guest investor in the fourth of a total of nine new episodes, bringing real women’s power to the show. With the entrepreneur, there are more lionesses than lions in the den for the first time. Röser grew up with entrepreneurship and is the third generation to run “Röser FAM GmbH & Co. KG”. In addition, since 2018 she has been the national chairwoman of the business association “Die Junge Unternehmer” of “Die Familienunternehmer eV” and represents over 6,500 family entrepreneurs.

Another big announcement: Michael Ballack, 45, will come onto the show as the founder and present his idea to the investors. In addition to the former soccer star, hard rock star Axel Rudi Pell, 61, also dares to enter the cave. In addition, participants will come from Thailand, the USA and Switzerland.

“The Rosenheim Cops”: Rarity! Marisa Burger shares photo of her daughter

Marisa Burger, 48, is indispensable as police headquarters secretary Miriam Stockl in the popular early evening series “Die Rosenheim Cops”, but the actress reveals little about her family. All the better that Burger now makes an exception on her daughter’s 28th birthday and shares a child’s photo of Lilly Burger. “Happy Birthday!! It’s so wonderful that you exist,” the series star proudly writes about the cute shot and links his daughter, who, according to her Instagram profile, works as a journalist.

Your fans are enthusiastic about the children’s photo. “I didn’t know you were a mother. Congratulations [sic]”Commented a stunned Userin, another writes: “Congratulations and all the best for the sweet birthday mouse! She definitely inherited mommy’s radiant beauty. Being a mom is wonderful, isn’t it?”

February 22, 2022

“The Bachelor”: Dominik Stuckmann finds resume allegations “simply sad”

Dominik Stuckmann, 30, is currently doing well on TV as “The Bachelor” in Mexico. But recently, in a podcast and an associated video, voices were raised that Rosenkavalier had given false information about his CV. On his LinkedIn profile, the IT entrepreneur describes himself as an investor and founder. The accusation was that some of the companies named there would no longer exist.

Compared to “Bunte”, Stuckmann now commented on the video, which has since been deleted: “The makers of the video have already contacted me and apologized – after I had told you my career again and clarified all the ambiguities. They also showed insight and want to avoid such behavior in the future. Well hopefully, because that’s just not nice.” Even though the people in question have asked for forgiveness, the 30-year-old is still disappointed: “I just find it sad that there are always people who try to get hold of incorrect or missing information.”

“The Geissens: Shania Geiss suffers “a panic attack”

In the current 16th episode of “Die Geissens” (every Monday at 8:15 p.m. on RTLZWEI), the family in the Dominican Republic undertakes two animal adventure trips. But the latter ends with Shania Geiss, 17, in a panic attack …

Even the first visit to “Monkeyisland” did not go as the Geissens daughters would have wished. While Robert, 58, and Carmen Geiss, 56, have fun with the monkeys romping around there, Shania and Davina, 18, are rather anxious.

The next day is also challenging for the two teenagers. The family wants to go down into a cave to see the bats sleeping there. Carmen immediately waves it off and says: “I’m not going in there. There are supposed to be fat spiders in there!” Shania and her best friend Julia still dare to descend with Robert and Davina – a mistake. Because just a few steps later, Shania screeches at the sight of a spider. She can hardly breathe and says: “I had a panic attack”. Luckily, a few minutes later, the 17-year-old calmed down and can continue the cave hike.

"The Geissen family": Shania Geiss, Robert Geiss, Carmen Geiss and Davina Geiss

“The Geissens”: Shania Geiss, Robert Geiss, Carmen Geiss and Davina Geiss

© wolf-sportfoto / imago images

February 21, 2022

“Marriage at first sight”: Has candidate Robert lost his heart again?

In the eighth season of “Marriage at First Sight”, candidate Robert thought he had found his great love – he gave Juliane the yes word. But the marriage didn’t last long: they separated on their honeymoon. The man from Halle an der Saale seems to have overcome the love affair.

In his Instagram story he posts a promising snapshot. You can see how he is apparently holding the hand of a woman with red painted fingernails. A red heart is emblazoned over her hands. He accompanied the supposed couple photo with the song “Good Life” by OneRepublic. However, he does not reveal who the woman is. He is also still silent about his relationship status, but sometimes a picture says more than a thousand words…

"The lion's den": The start-up show comes back with numerous celebrities and a new investor


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