the Liot group seeks to repeal the reform

The centrist group Liot, already at the initiative of a cross-party government censure motion which had failed by 9 votes, “is seriously considering” putting on the agenda of the National Assembly a bill to repeal the reform pensions, a group source told AFP on Tuesday.

This bill would only need a simple majority to be approved, unlike a motion of censure which requires an absolute majority.

Socialist parliamentarians have already proposed a text to this effect in the crowd of partial validation of the Constitutional Council, to repeal the reform promulgated on Friday by Emmanuel Macron.

But the parliamentary niche of the PS deputies having already passed, they do not have the opportunity to dictate the agenda of the day in the lower house before the next ordinary session.

Unlike the Liot group, whose niche will take place on June 8 and whose text could be different from that of the Socialists, but would have the same object.

We must remember that no one voted on Article 7 in the Assembly, we really think we can win, says a source within the group.

The Liot deputies will have to submit by April 20 the texts which will constitute their niche according to a source in the group. Any proposal will then have to be validated by the Assembly’s services in order to be included in the group’s niche.

The centrist group is also awaiting another decision from the Constitutional Council on the shared initiative referendum. After having rejected an initial proposal from the left to initiate this complex procedure, which ultimately aims to submit the text to a referendum, but which has never succeeded in history, the Council must decide on May 3 on a second request in this sense emanating from the senatorial left.

Afterwards, there were two options for us: the first, we table a motion of censure, the second, which is now fairly privileged, is to table a bill to return to at least Article 7 (the postponement of the Starting age 64, Editor’s note) and returning to a social conference for all the support, group president Liot Bertrand Pancher explained to AFP on Wednesday.

However, he says he fears a form of obstruction from the executive to prevent a vote, the days reserved for opposition groups always being played against the clock, because the debates are interrupted no matter what happens at midnight.

The next niche of opposition is that of the Communist deputies at the beginning of May, but the latter had to submit their texts before the decision of the Constitutional Council.

In the Senate, the majority Communist group CRCE also announced on Wednesday the filing of a bill to repeal the reform.

The authors form this proposal to respond to the current crisis and allow an outlet at the parliamentary level for the social movement that is crossing the country, write the senators in the introduction to their text. However, the CRCE group no longer has a parliamentary niche to put this bill on the agenda during this session.

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