the list of funds in euros 2022

Do you have online life insurance, opened with a web broker, a fintech, a robo-advisor or an online bank? The three main insurers in this very competitive online savings market, Suravenir, Spirica and Generali, have not yet revealed their 2022 returns. But our table (updated as the announcements go by) is already filling up.

Like every year, online savers will watch with interest the returns offered by Suravenir, Generali and Spirica, heavyweights in low-cost life insurance. From Boursorama Fortuneo, to Meilleurtaux Placement Altaprofits, to Nalo Yomoni, these three insurers manage the vast majority of low-cost contracts marketed by these web players. Waiting for…

Euro fundsContractsRates 2021Rates 2022
Online banks
Dolca Vie (Spirica insurer)BforBank Life1.35%
Euro Exclusive (Generali)Boursorama Life1.35%
Suravenir PerformanceFortuneo Life1.30% or 1.60%
Eurossima (Generali)Monabanq Life Premium0.75%
Brokers and fintechs
Eurossima (Generali)Altaprofits Vie, Meilleurtaux Allocation Vie, Linxea Vie, Bourse Direct Horizon, Nalo, Goodvie…0.75%
Suravenir PerformanceBetter Life Placement Rates, Future Power (, Yomoni Life…1.30% or 1.60%
General Assets of SpiricaLinxea Spirit, Savings Evolution…1.30%
New Generation Euro Fund (Spirica)Best Liberty Life Rate, Netlife 2,
Savings Evolution 2, Linxea Spirit 2…
Swiss Life General AssetsDarjeeling (Direct Placement), [email protected] (Altaprofits)1% 2.90%
Aviva Active GuaranteedLife Evolution ( 2.62% **
Apicil Euro GuaranteedLinxea Zen0.86%1.30% 1.85%
Orada Vie euro fundHeritagea Premium1.20% 1.92%1.90% 3.04%
Euro fund Ageas FranceKompoz (Sicavonline)1.25% 1.61%1.79% 2.31%
Euro fund Ageas FranceMyPGA0.50% 1.30%2%
Easyvie Euros (CNP)EasyVie1.10% 2.20%1.60% 3.20%

Non-exhaustive lists of contracts. For more details on brokers and web contracts, see also the life insurance comparison.
The maximum rates are (with some exceptions) conditional on the share of units of account in the contract.

* Base rate, excluding performance bonus.
** For Evolution Vie, the maximum paid only concerns the portion of the payment that meets the bonus conditions, not the entire euro fund.

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More and more systematic bonuses depending on the investment in UC

While waiting for the three heavyweights, other insurers (Orada Vie, Apicil, Ageas France and CNP, partners depending on the case of one or two online players), have revealed their 2022 rates.

First observation: the generalization of performance bonuses continues. These insurers are announcing a base rate (net of management fees but before social security contributions) that is quite low, compared to returns close to or above 2% already revealed by banks and insurers. But these returns can each time be improved subject to conditions, most often depending on the part of your contract invested in units of account (UA).

For the time being, the contract of the web subsidiary of La Banque Postale, Easy Vie, stands out thanks to a very generous bonus as soon as you have invested half of your contract in UC (3.20%), but interesting even with 30 % CPU (2.40%).

Dynamic and Real Estate Funds: A Ranking

It is impossible to compare the returns of the classic euro funds, listed above, with the very specific real estate and dynamic euro funds. On the one hand, these specific funds are less accessible, with payment restrictions, and on the other hand, their returns fluctuate much more strongly from one year to the next. In this category, the following yields are already known:

  • Security Target Euro (Target+ contract): 0% in 2022, compared to 2.35% in 2021
  • Infra Euro Security (Target+ also): 2.50% in 2022

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