the list of plants to be pruned imperatively in August

If you have a garden, you most certainly know that it adheres to a gardening calendar with precise dates for planting and cutting plants, according to the seasons. Here is the list of plants to prune in August.

Having a garden is a real asset… but also a small source of work, particularly related to maintenance. And if some call on gardeners to keep their floral landscape harmonious, more and more French people are choosing to take care of their plants and their vegetable patch themselves. The latter therefore know that there is no respite and that even in August, in the middle of the holidays, certain plants must be pruned.

As for cutting plant leaves, the principle is to prune just after the spring shoot between the month of April and the month of May then, if necessary or if the aesthetics are felt, a second time between August and September. This second cut makes it possible to eliminate the damage caused by the sun and the strong heats and to prepare the season to come, namely the autumn.

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Garden: the list of plants to prune in August

In August, many plants can benefit from pruning to promote their health and growth. However, it is important to note that the size can vary depending on the region, climate and type of plant. Here are some examples of plants you might consider pruning in August :
– THE roses : August pruning is generally aimed at removing faded flowers (defoliation) to encourage new flowering in late summer or fall. You can also reduce the size of the stems slightly to maintain the shape of the plant.
– THE summer flowering plants : Some plants that have finished their summer bloom can be pruned to remove spent flowers and encourage new growth.
– THE shrubs with dense foliage : If you have dense foliage shrubs like boxwood, privet or laurel, light pruning in August can help maintain their shape and prevent them from becoming too overgrown.
– THE perennial plant : Some perennials, such as daylilies, can be pruned after flowering to remove faded stems and clean the plant.
– THE aromatic herbs If you are growing herbs like mint, basil or chives, regular pruning of stems and leaves can encourage denser growth and better flavor.
– THE climbers : If you have climbing plants, such as vines, clematis or climbing roses, you can prune them lightly to remove damaged stems and to control their growth.
– THE fast growing plants : Fast-growing plants, such as bamboos, may need pruning to remove unwanted stems and limit their expansion.
– THE fruit trees : Some stone fruit trees, such as peach and apricot, can be pruned in August to remove dead or diseased branches. However, the main pruning of fruit trees is often carried out during their winter dormancy period.

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