The little British boy, brain dead and at the heart of a legal battle, has died


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Plunged into a coma in a state of brain death since April, the little boy died after a battle between his parents and the justice system over the cessation of treatment.

The end of his parents’ fight. Last April, a British mother found her 12-year-old child unconscious in her bedroom. Brought to the hospital, Archie Battersbee never regained consciousness and is plunged into a coma from. He allegedly participated in a challenge on TikTok to hold his breath until he passed out, reports The world. For four months he “was unresponsive, could not breathe without assistance, and medical staff felt he had no hope of recovery”. Conversely, his parents still had hope. Unfortunately, after a legal battle, Archie Battersbee’s parents were unsuccessful, the treatments that were keeping him alive were stopped and he is died on August 6 at 12:15 p.m..

The fight of his parents had started on May 31, when the British justice declared the child dead. In order to maintain the care, Hollie Dance and Paul Battersbee had appealed. Subsequently, the British Supreme Court, then the European Court of Human Rights, upheld the first instance decision. The care was finally stopped four months after his hospitalization.

A TikTok challenge at the origin of the accident?

Tomato game, scarf game, cosmos… Several “games” have made many victims among the youngest. Among the most dangerous, these encouraging challenges to stop breathing until you turn red, to strangle a comrade or to tighten a scarf around your neck all lead to non-oxygenation of the brain and can cause death. If the oxygen returns to the brain, the child “may recover, but sometimes he does not recover, his heart may stop and he may lack oxygen for several minutes” and develop sequelae or die, detailed pediatrician Hervé Haas to BFM-TV.

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