The Live A Live remake shows us its different eras

Taking the style of Octopath Traveler and Triangle Strategy, this remake will introduce us to an atypical RPG telling the story of eight heroes with different talents through eight distinct periods, and this in the order of his choice, since the stories will end by coming together in a final chapter. With these videos, Square Enix illustrates four eras: the Middle Ages, the end of the Edo era, the Wild West and the near future. The latter also includes a brand new song Go! Go! Buriki Daioh signed Hironobu Kageyama, heard in many credits including those of Dragon Ball Z.

Always around, Takashi Tokita responded present as a producer to supervise the adjustments of this remake, which benefits in particular from new illustrations signed Naoki Ikushima, already at work on the other HD-2D games. For her part, the great lady Yoko Shimomura took part in the project by taking care of the musical arrangements herself. For what was at the time her first major project with Squaresoft, the composer had released several memorable tracks, including the sublime Forgotten Wings but also the theme of the bosses Megalomania that can be heard in each of these videos. Published by Nintendo, this remake expected on July 27 has of course been localized in French and will be sold for 50 euros.

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