The Logitech MX Keys Advanced wireless keyboard + wrist rest pack for less than 90 euros

Having a good keyboard is essential to work more efficiently with better typing speed and ergonomics worked to avoid the pain of use. The Logitech MX Keys Advanced keyboard has become the reference keyboard for office use. It is currently on promotion as a pack with its optional wrist rest during the 2022 Amazon summer sales.

We already introduced you yesterday to the Logitech MX Master 3 mouse on sale at Boulanger. To go with this mouse, nothing better than the wireless keyboard of the same range, the Logitech MX Keys Advanced. We have therefore unearthed a sale offer for this keyboard with its wrist rest. Currently on Amazon, during the 2022 summer sales, you can find the keyboard + wrist rest pack for only 89.99 euros, or 36% discount. For information, the keyboard alone normally costs 129.99 euros and it is currently on sale at 98.99 euros.

What makes the Logitech MX Keys Advanced the best wireless office keyboard today?

First, it’s a very nice model to type quickly without making mistakes. The keys are pleasant to the touch and are slightly curved to guide the fingertip. Even if you tap very hard, you won’t disturb people around you because the mechanism is silent.

It is also a very complete keyboard with its numeric keypad and many useful shortcut keys. The keyboard is PC and Mac compatible. We therefore find the location of the special characters for each operating system.

The Logitech MX Keys Advanced has 3 keys that allow you to switch very quickly between multiple devices. You can even use this keyboard to typing on your smartphone. It is therefore an undeniable time saver when you have to type an SMS or an email from your mobile phone.

Finally, this model benefits from theexcellent build quality and premium finishes from the Logitech MX series. Its autonomy is approximately 10 days with key backlight on. She goes to 5 months without the backlight.

The wrist rest MX Palm Rest provided with the keyboard in this pack allows a better position of your wrists. They are thus based on a comfortable memory foam. So you can type on your keyboard for hours without pain. The fabric used is comfortable and resistant.

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