“The longer we wait, the more…”: the warning of an expert on pollen allergies

While 82 departments of metropolitan France are on red alert for grass pollen on Tuesday May 30, 2023, allergist Sophie Silcret-Grieu issued a major warning on this subject on the franceinfo antenna.

The season of pollen allergies is about to start in France. Indeed, the National Aerobiological Surveillance Network (RNSA) sounded the alarm on Tuesday May 30, 2023, placing no less than 82 departments on red alert for grass pollen. “The risk of allergy will be high throughout France except in the North-West where it will be average. The beautiful spring weather conditions will promote the emission and dispersal of grass pollen in the air“, underlined the RNSA. Due to the weather forecast for the next few days, which announces sunny, windy weather, as well as mild temperatures, this alert could last longer.

As a reminder, pollen allergies cause many eye, nasal, and even respiratory symptoms. However, even more serious symptoms have started to appear in recent years, as explained by allergist Sophie Silcret-Grieu at the microphone of franceinfo. “We indeed see more severe cases, more severe symptoms from year to year which can sometimes lead to hospital“, underlined the one who is also a member of the association asthma and allergies. “The allergy tends to get worse on its own: the longer you wait, the harder it is for the drugs to work“, she also added.

Sophie Silcret-Grieu: “The most severe form of allergy can lead to severe asthma attacks”

The most severe form of pollen-induced respiratory allergy can lead to severe asthma attacks, either for people with asthma whose usual treatment will not suffice, either for people who will start an asthmatic disease by inhaling a large amount of pollen“, finally concluded Sophie Silcret-Grieu. Many drugs exist to treat pollen allergies. Some are even sold in pharmacies without a medical prescription. such as cetirizine, an antihistamine with few side effects. However, consulting a doctor remains essential in the event of recurrent or severe symptoms, such as difficulty breathing, a nocturnal cough that does not go away, or wheezing when breathing.

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