The Lord of the Rings: an incredible animated film sums up the first part in less than 3 minutes

Signed by artist Eddie Sharam, a short 2.5-minute video recently posted on Youtube revisits in animation the first part of the famous “Lord of the Rings” trilogy. And the result is breathtaking!

Do you know the long version of The Fellowship of the Ring, the first part of Peter Jackson’s famous trilogy? Discover the very (very) short version, produced by artist Eddie Sharam, and recently posted on his Youtube channel.

In 2 minutes and 30 seconds flat, this Lord of the Rings fan revisits in animation the monument of cinema, adapted from the work of JRR Tolkien.

From the great Battle of Dagorlad to the death of Boromir, passing through the Council of Elrond, the mines of Moria or even the mythical face-to-face between Gandalf and the Balrog, this little short film does not forget any of the adventures of the film, and brings them back to life thanks to a truly stunning animation technique.

It remains to be hoped – after discovering his impressive work – that our friend Eddie will not stop there, and that he will renew the experience for The Two Towers and The Return of the King, the second and third parts of the trilogy. .

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