The Lord of the Rings: Gollum lands May 25

Earlier today, a video posted by 3goo suggested the title would arrive on June 22. Now official, the release date of The Lord of the Rings: Gollum is set for May 25, 2023. This release is for the PC, PlayStation, and Xbox versions of the game, with a later arrival for the Switch. And Sméagol’s adventures could prove deadly in the lands of Mordor.

In search of his precious, Gollum will live a whole journey through Middle-earth. But the frail body of this creature is cut out for combat, forcing it to adopt another approach in its epic. Infiltration and assassination are his best allies to find the One Ring. As long as he doesn’t let his dark side take over, Gollum should be able to count on his makeshift allies in his quest.

Very far from being pleasing at first sight, especially when one dwells on the faces of the characters, the title of Daedalic seems a beautiful homage to the universe of Tolkien. The landscapes and decors are sumptuous, full of references. On May 25, PC, PlayStation and Xbox will be able to return to Middle-earth with Gollum. An adventure that promises hordes of orcs and a good dose of stress.

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