the magic eraser arrives on all models

Google updates all of its Pixel smartphones: an opportunity to improve and/or add features. On the program: night vision, Magic Eraser, the arrival of Health Connect and fall detection with the Pixel Watch.

Google Pixel 7 Pro // Source: Chloé Pertuis – Frandroid

Google’s smartphones are famous for their exclusive features compared to other Android models, but also for their software tracking (although the competition is getting better and better). Google lives up to its reputation yet again with the first 2023 update to its smartphones.

Night Sight mode gets even faster and Magic Eraser comes to all Pixels

In 2018, Google presented Night Sight: a mode called ” night vision to improve shots taken when there is not much light. Night Sight impressed us as soon as it was released and last year it was even faster with the arrival of the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro. In the latest update, the execution speed has been improved on the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, including “ thanks to new algorithms powered by Google Tensor “, can we read on the blog of Google.

Night Sight mode // Source: Google

Another change in the photo for Pixels: the famous “ magic eraser “, or Magic Eraser, is available on all Pixel smartphones.

Pixel “magic eraser” // Source: Google

It can be used in the Google Photos application and makes it easy to remove certain elements from a photograph, such as people in the background. A function that has recently integrated the Google One offer, even if you do not have a phone from the brand.

Managing your health data: it’s easier on Pixels

Google also announces the arrival of Health Connect natively: this is an API that allows you to ” store, connect and share data from your compatible health and fitness apps. Health Connect somehow unifies the data from all your connected health applications: connected scales, connected watch, etc.

Health Connect on Pixels // Source: Google

Among the data that can be taken into account, there is activity, sleep, nutrition, body measurements, heart rate or blood pressure. They are all stored on the device and encrypted.

Your timer will be on all your Google devices

With this update to Pixel smartphones, Google is taking the opportunity to unify timers on all of its products. On his blog, we can read that now, when you start a timer on a speaker or a Nest screen, it is also displayed on your Pixel.

The timer on Pixels // Source: Google

In addition, a notification will be sent there when the countdown is over. What deactivate the ringtone or add an additional minute.

Other Pixel Update Features

In the United States, the Direct My Call feature is coming to Pixel 4a and newer models. It allows to see the menu options in advance. These are the famous To do this, type 1 “, sometimes endless and which are necessary steps to have a correspondent. What to go faster on the administrative numbers for example. Also, we can finally use two eSIMs thanks to the dual SIM Dual Standby function on the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro.

The Direct My Call function on Pixels // Source: Google

In addition, we learned a few days ago of the arrival of fall detection on the Pixel Watch, the manufacturer’s first (and for the moment only) connected watch.

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