the magic method to cool a bottle quickly and without a fridge


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This summer, to avoid heatstroke, you have to drink water. Only, in a park, on a walk or at the beach, it’s not easy to keep your bottle cool. Here is the ultimate trick to refresh your bottle of water without a fridge or cooler.

This month of August more than ever, we hydrate! If it’s easy to drink your 1.5 liter bottle when it’s cold and keep it in your fridge, it’s a different ball game when it comes to drinking. without a cooler or fridge at hand. Do not panic, here is an unstoppable trick to refresh your bottle in a few minutes and be ready to face the heat. Whether you’re hiking, shopping for your back-to-school pair of shoes or on the beach, this method won’t fail you, believe us!

To refresh a bottle of water, or any other liquid (it also works for rosé wine, in moderation) simply a single and unique accessory: the tea towel. Once you have your towel, just wet it well and wring it out enough so that the water does not run, but it remains damp. Then, wrap your precious bottle in it, being careful that it is completely covered. Finally, place the bottle in the sun. It’s no joke, you are going to witness a natural phenomenon called thermodynamics.

The trick of thermodynamics to cool your bottle without a fridge

If the name can be scary, it is nevertheless a scientifically proven phenomenon. In effect, the heat given off by the sun’s rays will cause the dampness of the cloth to evaporate. When the water turns to steam, it will take the heat from the bottle with it! Thus, your bottle will cool in just a few minutes. This technique can work just as well with a plastic container, as glass or with a gourd.

If you’re into summer cool tips, there’s another way to make your bottle cooler even more. To do this, all you have to do is go near a river, a lake or even the sea. Dig a hole the size of your bottle, in the sand or small pebbles, then immerse your container in it. Take care that the latter is attached by a string, for example, to prevent it from being carried away by the movement of the waves or the river. In just a few minutes, your bottle is fresh and ready to quench your thirst!

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