The majority of CD Projekt’s workforce is now working on the next The Witcher

Whether we talk about turnover at 102 million euros or net profit at 47 million euros, CD Projekt is at the top of its form as it quietly closes the chapter Cyberpunk 2077, not without marketing an ultimate edition which will be released on December 5 on PS5, Xbox Series and PC. Even GOG is in the green, the site’s contribution for this quarter being 19.3 million euros in turnover for 1.7 million euros in net profit, largely thanks to good sales of Phantom Liberty on this platform.

After being purchased by over 3 million people in just one week, the extension Phantom Liberty has 4.3 million copies sold two months after its launch, according to CD Projekt estimates. “ This means that one in five people who own a copy of the base game on PC or next-gen consoles have also purchased the expansion “, notes financial director Piotr Nielubowicz, adding that Steam represents the bulk of sales. Between the excellent reviews from the press, the very positive evaluations from players and the nominations for the Game Awards, the mood is good at CD Projekt, which can also count on its partnership with the company Anonymous Content with a view to producing a project in live action based on the Cyberpunk license.

All about the next The Witcher

The end of the development of Cyberpunk 2077 also involves good things for fans of The Witcher franchise, including the first opus of the new trilogy, Project Polaris, now occupies the majority of the workforce, i.e. more than 330 developers. And this workforce will exceed 400 by mid-2024, adds CD Projekt. Meanwhile and despite the layoffs it suffered last May, the team at The Molasses Flood, a subsidiary of CD Projekt, is working on Project Sirius, a multiplayer game based on The Witcher license. As for the remake of the first The Witcher announced in October 2022, it is being developed externally by the Fool’s Theory studio.

The next Cyberpunk already in ambush

Already seeing further, CD Projekt has set up a small group to lay the foundations of Project Orion, the next game in the Cyberpunk license, which will be developed in Boston. The director of Project Orion has even already been named. His team should number between 40 and 50 people for the first year.

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