The man from Florida

Trump’s statement in Palm Beach, Florida
Image: Reuters

Suddenly it’s no longer just Trump’s opponents who say: He has to go. There is also resistance to the former president within his own party.

Et must have infuriated Donald Trump when the front page of an American tabloid recently read: “Florida man makes announcement”. A strip at the bottom, no name, no photo. Only small behind it: “Page 26”. This ridiculed the months-awaited announcement of his presidential candidacy, of all things on the pages of the New York Post, which had printed cover photos of him decades before Trump even became a presidential candidate. But the “man from Florida” is ailing, and nobody likes losers in America. Entrepreneur Rupert Murdoch, whose media outlets, including the New York Post, have all distanced themselves from Trump in recent weeks, knows this too.

Sofia Dreisbach

North American political correspondent based in Washington.

The congressional elections should prove how much power Trump still has. Instead, the former president is in the worst position he has been in years. Suddenly it’s not just his opponents who are saying: Trump has to go. On election night, when the extent of the failure of the candidates he supported was not yet clear, his former home broadcaster, Fox News, blamed him for the poor Republican result. Since then there has been more and more criticism.

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