the manifesto of the CGT, Greenpeace and Attac

One year after their first joint call, the Plus Never Ca group specifies its approach. This alliance of twenty associations and unions intends to respond to both “To social and environmental emergencies” by formulating a series of proposals addressed to the public authorities – and by fueling the debate on subjects which do not achieve consensus.

At the forefront of the demands of this grouping composed in particular of the CGT, Greenpeace or the alter-globalist association Attac, the desire to encourage job creation “In sectors of social and ecological utility” : health and education,“Ecological agriculture” and “Quality food”. The organizations therefore propose to set up a direct policy of support for sectors, research, and professional retraining.

At the same time, Never again offers to handle the stick at the same time as the carrot: “No public aid should be paid to companies that destroy jobs and do not meet climate objectives. “ Exit public support for the automotive sector, Air France or airports if they do not make firmer commitments in terms of employment and climate. A difficult position to assume for unions like the CGT or Solidaires (which includes SUD in particular), present in these sectors very affected by the economic consequences of the health crisis linked to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Common mobilizations

Other requirement: “Make greenhouse gas reduction targets binding for the State and companies with a system of sanctions making it possible to comply with the Paris Agreement” of 2015 on the climate. The collective also asks “Develop support mechanisms for the private sector contributing to the creation of quality jobs, in particular in the sectors of ecological transition”.

The objective: to imagine an ecological transition that is creative rather than destructive of jobs. Thus, for the automobile, the signatories call for “To limit automobile traffic (…) and to support conversions favoring the transformation of thermal vehicles towards vehicles without emissions”. They call for this diversification to be built with employees, based on a retraining and training plan.

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This collective, launched during the first confinement around a tribune on France Info titled ” Never again ! “, brings together unions including the CGT, the FSU or the peasant confederation, and NGOs such as Greenpeace, Oxfam or Les Amis de la Terre. While these two universes have lived together relatively little so far, they published in May 2020 a “Crisis exit plan” to challenge the government. The new allies have since led joint mobilizations against the reconversion of the Total refinery in Grandpuits (Seine-et-Marne) or the closure of the paper recycling plant at Chapelle Darblay (Seine-Maritime).

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