The Marco 5 is totally ruining Warzone according to players

Season 4 of Warzone introduced the new submachine gun, Marco 5. However, this new weapon quickly created a feeling of anger within the community, when players discovered a speed bug that could well “break” the game.

The Warzone Season 4 update brought many new features to the Battle Royale, such as the new Good Fortune map and the Marco 5 submachine gun.

But if the launch of Good Fortune went rather well since the reception of this card was generally positive, a bug affecting the Marco 5 makes this weapon significantly faster than all the other submachine guns.


The Marco 5 is a weapon that deals serious damage at close range.

The Marco 5 allows you to be ultra fast in Warzone

Reddit user “elispion” recently posted on Reddit and claimed based on data from, that players using the Marco 5 can walk almost as fast as players using the Modern CX-9 Warfare while doing a tactical sprint.

The image below shows that during a tactical sprint with the Marco 5 you are moving 11.1 meters per second, compared to only 7.2 meters per second with the CX-9. By simply walking forward with the Marco 5, you are able to move 6.8 meters per second.

This extreme gap thus offers Marco 5 players a real advantage to outrun enemies or flee duels.

One user thinks this bug was caused by a change to the Tape Grip and said: “They even mentioned it in the patch note but this change is supposed to increase ‘movement speed by 5%’ but that’s clearly more than 5%, it’s more like 15-20%.

It also appears that all of Vanguard’s other submachine guns were also affected as another user clarified that the “MP40 and Sten can reach 10m/s from the Grip Tape buff.

Whether or not this is a planned feature remains to be seen, but if not, expect to see the developers at Raven Software making changes very soon.

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