The Marseillais: A famous candidate condemned by justice, the court has decided!

Influencers have been in turmoil lately. After the report on the excesses of the latter in Further investigation (France 2), now a court decision has been taken against one of the most famous reality TV stars in France. This is Kim Glow, sulphurous brunette with redone plastic, as revealed by our colleagues from Var Morning Wednesday, September 14, 2022. She appeared before the Toulon Criminal Court for “complicity in malicious telephone calls” and “public insult”.

It all started years ago. In 2018, to be precise, when the former star of reality tv angels and Marseilles received a defective sofa. She then attacked the transport company which, according to her, damaged the property by delivering it to her. In addition to a rant on her social networks – she has more than two million subscribers on Snapchat (1.25 million) and Instagram (1.1 million) – the pretty 37-year-old brunette had encouraged her followers to saturate the carrier’s standard, based in La Crau. “The sofa was broken, it was not unpacked, not installed…“, she was annoyed. For her part, the switchboard operator had explained to her several times that the delivery note had been signed, “then it is compliant“.

Four years later, Kim Glow appears before the correctional court of Toulon, in the Var, for this case. “Everyone has this kind of hassle in everyday life, it’s your reaction that is not appropriate“, launches the president. The one who had made conspiratorial remarks defends herself, indicating that she told her misadventure to her community “so that it doesn’t happen again“. And the prosecutor adds: “You used your notoriety as if you were above the rest.“The verdict is finally in: the influencer is then sentenced to 60 day-fines of 80 euros, i.e. 4800 euros to be paid in total within two months.

On her social networks, no mention of this moment spent in court or even of the conviction of which she is the subject. However, if Kim Glow does not speak, his lawyer Maître Hervé Lefort estimated that “forty calls, it’s nothing at all” given the scale of the business. Sentenced for the calls, the starlet was however acquitted for the offense of insult, due to prescription.

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