The mask back in Paris and Ile-de-France, but not everywhere

It goes and it comes back

The Covid-19 pandemic in Francecase

A new decree from the Paris police prefecture enacts the return of the mandatory mask in the capital in “all situations in which the risk that the social distance of one meter between people risks not being respected, and where wearing a mask is necessary”.

Chase the mandatory mask through the door, it comes back through the window. The Paris police headquarters (PP) announced on Monday in a press release that a new decree once again makes it compulsory to wear a mask in certain places in the capital. The rule now applies “all the situations in which the risk that the social distance of one meter between people may not be respected, and where wearing a mask is necessary”. Last week, administrative justice had suspended the possibility of imposing the compulsory wearing of a mask throughout Paris.

In addition, the “PP” announces that similar decrees are taken in each of the departments of the Ile-de-France region. “The current epidemic situation, with an extremely high incidence rate and a still very strong pressure on hospitalization, requires that measures be taken so that the outdoor space, however limited the risks, is not a place contamination.”

In rallies and queues

The places concerned are now markets, flea markets, garage sales and unpacking sales. But also all gatherings, demonstrations, meetings or activities bringing together ten or more people, organized on the public highway, whatever their purpose. Or even public transport waiting areas, in particular bus and tram stops and their immediate vicinity, the surroundings of stations and the entrances to shopping centers, during their opening hours, the surroundings of schools or universities , when the public enters and leaves, the surroundings of places of worship, when the public enters and leaves during offices and ceremonies. Finally, the queues that form in the public space.

Last week, the administrative court considered that the obligation to wear a mask in Paris was a disproportionate measure. In particular, it requested that the measure be “limited” to “places and times of high population traffic” where the “physical distancing” is made impossible, nor “at places where people can congregate such as markets and gatherings on the public highway”. Of which act.

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