“The Masked Singer”: Andrea Sawatzki on Axolotl’s “buddies”

“The Masked Singer”
Andrea Sawatzki on Axolotl’s “buddies”

Out in the semifinals and still overjoyed: Andrea Sawatzki.

© ProSieben / Willi Weber

Andrea Sawatzki surprised as Axolotl in “The Masked Singer”. This souvenir will always remind you of the show.

Acting star and successful author Andrea Sawatzki (58, “Bundschuh family: It’s not quieter anywhere else”) was the axolotl in the guessing and singing show “The Masked Singer” (ProSieben). Despite great sympathy from the jury and the audience, the semi-finals on Saturday evening (November 13th) ended for the artist. After “a short night because we were still partying”, she revealed spot on news with whom she got along best behind the scenes, which souvenir she will remember from the show in the future and why the obligatory secrecy is not so difficult for her was.

How did you like your costume?

Andrea Sawatzki: I loved the axolotl costume from the start and was very happy about it, because I find these animals so fascinating anyway. I immediately took Lotti to my heart and I will miss her very much.

Were you able to take a souvenir from the show or costume?

Sawatzki: I have a small scale from the Phoenix (actor Samuel Koch). We didn’t know who was under the costumes, but we still had nice, silent contact. Lotti gave Phoenix a piece of pink fake coral as a talisman. We always had the talismans with us at the shows …

How can you imagine the contact behind the scenes?

Sawatzki: The personal assistants always mediated between the animals. Axolotl-Pug was an intimate relationship, but also Axolotl-Mülli and of course Axolotl-Phoenix – these three were the most important pals for the axolotl.

How did your husband (actor Christian Berkel) and their sons react? Did you know?

Sawatzki: My husband knew. He had to work on the weekends, but he always watched the show with the app and really liked Lotti. He always shared the excitement, but is now also very happy that I’m coming home again.

Secrecy is always a central issue on this show. How difficult was it for you and with whom did you find the dizziness particularly difficult?

Sawatzki: Fortunately, to be honest, it wasn’t difficult for me, because not many people had me on their radar and hardly anyone asked me.

How was it for you to sing again without a mask after the exposure? What did you find easier?

Sawatzki: Singing with a mask on was much, much more difficult for me because I couldn’t really see the audience and the stage. I like more direct contact … For me as an actress it is also extremely difficult to play a role credibly without my face. That was a challenge, and the huge costume restricted my freedom of movement, to put it mildly. All of this made me pretty nervous before every gig.

As a former “Tatort” commissioner, what is more exciting for you, a “Tatort” shoot or this TV show?

Sawatzki: It doesn’t really matter to me whether I play the axolotl, a “crime scene” commissioner, or a completely different role such as Gundula Bundschuh in the “Bundschuh” television series. The sacred duty in acting is to fill all roles with life as much as possible and to empathize with them. With Lotti it was an enormous challenge because it was so incredibly warm under the costume. I always imagined Lotti to be so wild and pubescent, which was not easy in this costume because I could hardly move. Nonetheless, I enjoyed the axolotl as much as any other role.

Who do you think will win the title?

Sawatzki: Mülli.


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