“The Masked Singer” Christmas Special: A reindeer is at the start

“The Masked Singer” Christmas Special
A reindeer starts

The first mask of the “The Masked Singer” Christmas special was shown: the reindeer.

© ProSieben / Willi Weber

At the end of the “The Masked Singer” final, the first mask of the Christmas special was presented: a cute-looking reindeer.

After the show is before the show and so at the end of the finale of “The Masked Singer” (November 20), which musical star Alexander Klaws (38) won, the first mask of the upcoming Christmas special was presented: a cute-looking one Reindeer with fairy lights on their antlers.

On Christmas Day (December 26th, 8:15 pm, ProSieben and Joyn) presenter Matthias Opdenhövel (51) invites you to a special episode – with three new stars under “three Christmas masks”. The other two masks are still secret.

The show will be all about the festival of all festivals and the veiled celebrities will sing famous Christmas classics. On the same evening, all three masks will fall, and a prominent trio can cheerfully take part in the guesswork until then. It is not yet known who will be on the jury.

“Two of the most beautiful things in the world”

It is the first special episode of the successful format, which premiered on German TV in summer 2019. For Opdenhövel, the special is a logical conclusion: “We all love Christmas. And we all love ‘The Masked Singer’. So why not bring two of the most beautiful things in the world together and turn them into a festive Christmas counseling show?”


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