“The Masked Singer”: Comedian won’t guess anymore

“The Masked Singer”
Comedian won’t guess anymore

Bülent Ceylan joined “The Masked Singer” as an angel in 2019.

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Bülent Ceylan takes a break from “The Masked Singer”. The comedian will no longer add to the advice team.

Bülent Ceylan (45) says goodbye to “The Masked Singer”: The comedian will no longer be on the advice team for the new season in autumn, as he announced on Instagram. Sonja Zietlow (53) will also take a break. “I love the show and I can really do a lot, but unfortunately not be in two places at the same time,” wrote Ceylan. The reason is his upcoming tour. After almost a year and a half from the stage, he is happy “like a little child to finally be back on stage live on Saturdays and celebrate great evenings with you”. The fifth season of “The Masked Singer” will also be broadcast on ProSieben on Saturdays in autumn.

Ceylan wanted to focus all his attention on his appearances. “So if you want the angel, you have to come on my tour in the fall,” explained the comedian. In 2019 he appeared as an angel at the council show and made it to third place. He didn’t rule out a return to “The Masked Singer”: “I’m sure we’ll meet again at Masked Singer when we get the chance. Rock’n’Roll!”

After participating, Bülent Ceylan became a member of the advice team

After his “The Masked Singer” participation in the subsequent second season in spring 2020, Bülent Ceylan was a guest member of the advice team. In autumn 2020 he became a permanent member alongside Sonja Zietlow in season three. In spring 2021, the two gave their jobs in season four to Ruth Moschner (45) and Rea Garvey (48). It is not yet known who will form the advice team this fall. A start date is also still pending.