“The Masked Singer”: Daniel Boschmann exposed as a raccoon

“The Masked Singer”
Daniel Boschmann exposed as a raccoon

The raccoon had to say goodbye to the show in the second episode of “The Masked Singer”.

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Ruth Moschner once again proved her rate quality and quickly found out about “Sat.1-Frühstücksfernsehen” star Daniel Boschmann.

In the second week of “The Masked Singer” (also with Joyn), Rick Kavanian (52), together with Ruth Moschner (46) and Rea Garvey (49), tried to unmask the celebrities under their costumes. The 46-year-old once again proved to be a real guessing pro and quickly caught the raccoon’s tricks.

It started with Rea Garvey’s favorite costume from last week – the hedgehog. A caring father was among the evidence of the spiny animal. Once again the rocking, female hedgehog impressed with a good voice. Rick Kavanian suspected the Silbermond frontwoman Stefanie Kloß (38) under the glowing spikes. “I have an idea for an international singer,” Ruth Moschner thought and suspected the singer Jennifer Rush (62) under the masquerade. Katrin Bauerfeind (40) was also a tip from the rate expert. Rea Garvey immediately noticed the Celtic pattern on the hedgehog’s skirt. That’s why his assumption fell on the singer Maite Kelly (43).

A blaze of color came onto the stage with the seahorse. The trio suspect a professional singer as a dazzling underwater animal. Ruth Moschner could imagine Jennifer Weist (36), the singer of the band Jennifer Rostock, but had a second theory ready. The seahorse could be Pinar Atalay (44) and the cancer shown in the evidence could then be Jan Hofer (73). “We have no idea,” Rick Kavanian and Rea Garvey agreed.

The Schuhschnabel not only impressed with his glamorous appearance, the blue bird also demonstrated his vocal skills with the song “With Or Without You”. “What’s that accent?” Ruth Moschner puzzled. Because of the elegant pronunciation, Rick Kavanian was sure that it must be an artist from the English-speaking world. The Rate boss heard something Scandinavian and thought of the A-ha frontman: “It sounds like Morten Harket to me”.

Diamantula inspires with a scary, beautiful appearance

With Elfie, the terry cloth elephant, opinions differed as to whether a professional singer was hiding under the fluffy costume or not. For Ruth Moschner, the artist Lili Paul-Roncalli (24) or the model Rebecca Mir (31) came into question, while Rea Garvey suspected a professional like Eva Briegel (44), the singer of the band Juli.

The mystical mushroom continued to cause confusion. While last week a man was suspected to be under the forest dweller’s costume, the trio was now certain that it must be a woman. But otherwise there was great helplessness. The rate boss speculated on actress Katrin Sass (66) or singer Annett Louisan (46).

Attracting and repelling at the same time, that was the case for the mysterious Diamantula. The spider creature delivered a special version of “Paint it Black” and again convinced with a strong voice. “It’s so scary and beautiful,” Ruth Moschner stated and had YouTuber Naomi Jon (26) on the screen, who loves glitter and could also sing well. Rick Kavanian could imagine Kathy Kelly (60) as Diamantula.

Ruth Moschner found out about the raccoon

Behind the toast with the squeaky voice, Rea Garvey suspected a comedy lady like Tahnee (31). Rick Kavanian tried to track down the celebrity through the evidence. Since the singer Vanessa Mai (30) completed training as a tax assistant and you have to deal with documents there, he drew the connection to the covering on a toast and thus suspected the 30-year-old.

“You dance better than you sing,” said Rea Garvey after the appearance of the odd raccoon with the checked sweater vest. “I thought of Llambi,” the 49-year-old typed on the “Let’s Dance” juror. The raccoon’s love of order would also suit Joachim Llambi (58). “Johannes B. Kerner! He talks a lot and likes to do the dishes,” was Rick Kavanian’s assumption. Oliver Pocher (45) was also a tip, because the 45-year-old would like to “wash dirty laundry”. Daniel Boschmann (42) from the “Sat.1 breakfast television” was hotly traded with Ruth Moschner.

The raccoon had to reveal his identity this week. Shortly before the unveiling, Rea Garvey guessed Joko Winterscheidt (44). The pop singer had once seen the moderator dance at a wedding and that reminded him of the oddball. Ruth Moschner thought that was unlikely and guessed Daniel Boschmann again. And the rate manager was exactly right.


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