The Masked Singer: Marianne Rosenberg was under the mushroom costume

The Masked Singer
Marianne Rosenberg was under the mushroom costume

Under the costume of the mysterious mushroom was Marianne Rosenberg. The rate experts did not come up with the hit queen.

© ProSieben/Willi Weber

The fungus caused confusion from the start. Now the forest dweller had to strip and revealed hit star Marianne Rosenberg.

Seven more celebrities have “The Masked Singer” (ProSieben, also at Joyn) tries to maintain their stealth. Next to rate experts Ruth Moschner (46) and Rea Garvey (49), comedian Carolin Kebekus (42) took a seat this week.

Last week the toast lost its topping while dancing. This time a party hat slipped off the toasted bread. On circumstantial evidence of the toast, it was revealed that it was inseparable from a croissant at ‘pastry school’. What celebrity could this refer to?

Carolin Kebekus said she heard a Berlin accent, but the toast directly denied it. Ruth Moschner had to think of the character “Bernd, the bread”. Therefore, her guess went to Tanja Schumann (60), who also works as a voice actress. But she also said she heard the voice of Esther Schweins (52). The trio agreed that it had to be a lady from the comedy field, like Anette or Caro Frier. Rea Garvey agreed with Rick Kavanian (52), who sat at the guessing board last week and bet on Tahnee (31).

Shoebill drives Rea Garvey insane

The Shoebill made Rea Garvey very nervous. “It’s driving me crazy. I know the voice, but I can’t figure it out,” pondered the rate expert. This is what happened to Carolin Kebekus, who wondered which colleague could have given his approval for the tie between the legs when trying on the Schuhschnabel costume. Ruth Moschner initially suspected the singer Laith Al-Deen (51) as a giant blue bird, but then the 46-year-old switched to Michael Mittermeier (57). The blue and white (actually silver) color of the shoe’s beak would match the comedian’s Bavarian origins.

The evidence revealed that the female terry cloth elephant Elfie is clumsy. Which celebrity could this apply to? Rea Garvey said she heard the performer under the costume stumbled while singing this time, so she guessed it wasn’t a professional singer. That made the hybrid of terry towel and elephant cuddly toy sad. Carolin Kebekus was enthusiastic about the singing performance and guessed the moderator Laura Wontorra (34). Ruth Moschner’s research revealed that the name Trudi means strong. Since the fluffy costume was sewn together by Aunt Trudi, the rate expert was the decisive reference to the moderator Milka Loff Fernandes (42). Rea Garvey could imagine Alexandra Maria Lara (44) as Elfie, although the pop star had no idea if and how the actress sings.

Rea Garvey is ‘one thousand percent sure’ about a celebrity

The mystical forest dweller became a hip-hop mushroom on Saturday night. “Incredibly professional”, Ruth Moschner was impressed by the performance. Her Irish colleague was sure that hip-hop is not otherwise the artist’s music genre and guessed Mary Rose (74). Ruth got her nose through it again as the 42-year-old noticed the fungus touching her eyes a lot and concluded there was likely a bespectacled celebrity hiding under the camouflage. Since the mushroom was still looking for happiness, Carolin Kebekus had another idea and guessed Maren Gilzer (63), the former lucky fairy of the wheel of fortune.

A very clear thing was the seahorse for Rea Garvey: “Now I’m absolutely a thousand percent sure,” announced the pop singer, who was convinced that he had correctly understood the evidence for the first time. The dazzling underwater creature has been described as ambitious. The pop star also said he heard a Brandenburg accent. Everything matched Anna Loos (52), who is successful both as an actress and as a singer. Anna Loos as a seahorse was also very popular with the viewers in the voting. So do the seahorse and the kangaroo belong together? In the first episode of the current season, her husband, “Tatort” star Jan Josef Liefers (58), was revealed as a kangaroo.

Marianne Rosenberg reveals herself as a mushroom

This time, too, the hedgehog’s father kept an eye on his little daughter. He accompanied his little hedgehog to the stage. Without parental support, the celebrity really rocked under the spiky costume. That brought Rea Garvey to Inka Bause (54). The father of the “Bauer sucht Frau” presenter, Arndt Bause, was a well-known composer in the GDR. “Inka Bause is punk”, Rea Garvey found another argument for the 54-year-old. “Beatrice Egli would be my tip”, came from Ruth Moschner. The rate team suspected that it might also be one of the “No Angels” singers. “But do you know which voice fits perfectly is Christina Stürmer,” Carolin Kebekus brought in another name.

Diamantula once again delivered a vocally impressive performance. The spider creature is said to have undergone a transformation in life, but what could this indicate? “This is the most impressive mask of the season and delivers a great performance,” Rea Garvey was also enthusiastic about the singer. The comedian noticed how well the prominent lady under the costume embodied the spider creature. That could apply to someone like musical star Anna-Maria Kaufmann (58), speculated Caroline Kebekus.

At the end of the show, the mushroom had to lift its hat. From the start, this mysterious mask caused confusion. Pop star Marianne Rosenberg (68) appeared. The spectators had already suspected the singer under the costume. “It was very strange. I’ve never performed under such conditions. It was crazy,” summarized the pop queen of her trip on the ProSieben show.


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