“The Masked Singer”: Nobody suspected this celebrity to be the walrus Waltraut

“The Masked Singer”
No one suspected this celebrity to be the walrus Waltraut

No more smell of fish behind the stage: the walrus Waltraut had to throw off his glittering tusks and reveal himself. Nobody had the celebrity under the mask on their screens.

© ProSieben/Willi Weber

On Saturday evening, Ruth Moschner received prominent rate support from Carolin Kebekus and Eko Fresh on “The Masked Singer”.

Who shows a nose for masked celebrities in the ProSieben rate show? “The Masked Singer” newcomer Eko Fresh (39) and comedian Carolin Kebekus (42), who has already gained experience in previous seasons, have started to support rate expert Ruth Moschner (46).

In the “Tooth Fairy” not only did the toothpaste tubes dance as background dancers in their song “Firework” by Kate Perry (37), the rate trio also got carried away. Can Carolin Kebekus pull the fairy’s tooth and solve the riddle? “I only know one person who can sing so well and play such an accent,” the 42-year-old had a guess and guessed Comedian Tahnee (30). Ruth Moschner pursued a different lead. As an old hand at “The Masked Singer”, the rate expert paid close attention to the evidence and thought she had discovered a sapphire stone. Since the singer’s daughter Loona (48) is called that, sapphire could be under the tooth fairy costume. “Maybe Loris Karius too,” threw moderator Matthias Opdenhövel (52) as a not very serious tip.

The “Black Mamba” also had sharp teeth. With the evidence, the dark snake revealed that she is trying to use hypnosis to cast a spell on everyone. On the “The Masked Singer” stage, “Black Mamba” presented the song “Temple of Love” including a dirty laugh at the end of the performance. The rate queen also listened carefully to the evidence of the snake and thought she recognized the title song of the series “4 Blocks” and therefore suspected the actor Frederick Lau (33) in a snake costume. Eko Fresh could also imagine Riccardo Simonetti (29) under the mask. Carolin Kebekus had another idea, because “Black Mamba” appeared in red glittering boots. Could this be an indication that Michael Kessler (55) is the snake? After all, the actor became famous thanks to his boot scene in the movie “Manta Manta”.

“Could be the biggest surprise of the show”

“No Name”, the robot that was assembled by a professor but was abandoned by its creator, delivered a sad-beautiful story. Without friends and even without a name of his own, “No Name” felt very lonely. But the namelessness should soon come to an end, because the “The Masked Singer” viewers could make name suggestions so that the lonely robot can be “baptized” in the next episode. There are Rosty, Robert, Schrauby, Lonely and Büchsen Bernhard to choose from. “You are my valued colleague Pierre M. Krause,” says Eko Fresh. Since the evidence revealed that “No Name” must have something to do with chess, Ruth Moschner was also able to imagine Mathieu Carrière (72) behind the iron mask, since the actor is said to have been a chess player in the past.

Had to this week the walrus Waltrautwho “work at a supermarket checkout” shed their glittering tusks and reveal their true selves. “I have an absurd idea,” Ruth Moschner thought before the dissolution. “She could be the biggest surprise on the show – Sandra Maischberger,” typed the “The Masked Singer” expert. Eko Fresh stuck to his thesis that Tina Ruland (56) had to hide behind the mask because the actress was probably also discovered in a supermarket until shortly before the unmasking. “I was just thinking about Regina Halmich, but she went out again,” the rapper thought. There was wild speculation about the walrus without the decisive name being mentioned. Even the viewers, who were able to guess in a voting, did not have a clear opinion. In this vote, Evelyn Burdecki (34) was number one. When the mask of the walrus fell, the surprise was great. The actress Jutta Speidel (68) was under the costume. “Nice how they were all on the wrong track, I enjoyed that,” said the unmasked happily.


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