“The Masked Singer”: Which celebrities are there?

“The Masked Singer”
Which celebrities are there?

Mülli Müller on the “Masked Singer” stage.

© ProSieben / Willi Weber

The big “The Masked Singer” final will take place on November 20th. Which celebrities are behind the remaining costumes? That’s what the fans say.

The caterpillar, the heroine, the pug and Mülli Müller will compete in the grand finale of “The Masked Singer” this Saturday (November 20th, 8:15 pm live on ProSieben). Four celebrities will still have to identify themselves. The fans chose their favorites via the ProSieben app.

The heroine

With sword and shield she fights for the audience on the “Masked Singer” stage. “The heroine embodies great fighting spirit. The coat is incredibly heavy. We have built in a neck support so that the head is relieved a little,” explains Dressmaker Alexandra Brandner about the costume.

Among them, the fans suspect with a large majority singer Christina Stürmer (39). This is followed by moderator Jeannine Michaelsen (39) and Stefanie Kloß (37). “You can feel your heart, Christina”, was also the advice team member Rea Garvey (48) in the semifinals, sure that the striker is behind the mask.

The Caterpillar

The caterpillar also made it to the final. With her 500 sequins she made the audience pretty eyes and rides on up to eight roller skates across the stage. Who is under the mask?

The audience has a favorite: singer Sandy Mölling (40) emerged from the vote with around 80 percent. Behind them are comedian Anke Engelke (55) and singer Vanessa Mai (29).

The pug

Cozy fur, bows and arrows and huge wings: as a clumsy messenger of love, the pug made the stage unsafe. With this mask, the fans are less unanimous.

Glasperlenspiel singer Carolin Niemczyk (31) only got around 52 percent of the vote, colleague Jeanette Biedermann (41) around 24 percent. Moderator Inka Bause (52) and Vanessa Mai can be found in the other seats.

Mülli Müller

Mülli Müller presents himself as a real do-gooder: slogans such as “Save the planet” or “There is no planet B” are written on the costume.

The fans suspect Alexander Klaws (38) behind the finalist mask (around 55 percent). Teddy Teclebrhan (38), Wincent Weiss (28) and Johannes Oerding (39) were also named by users.


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