The Mayor wants a solution by the end of the week

The Minister of the Economy Bruno Le Maire announced Monday on LCI that a technical solution will be found by the end of the week to limit the increase in electricity prices 4% in 2022, as promised by the government.

Prime Minister Jean Castex committed at the end of September to limit the increase in electricity prices to 4%, in order to save the purchasing power of households. The government has already lowered the tax on electricity consumption (CSPE), to the lowest possible under European rules, said Bruno Le Maire on LCI, but this only covers up to 16 or 17%. increase in the price of electricity. However, the government expects the increase to be in the order of 38 to 40%, hence the need for an additional solution to contain it.

Negotiations have not yet finalized, discussions are continuing. I think that by the end of the week, we will have the technical solution to protect both the French and the businesses, he assured.

Promise valid for the whole year 2022

For the moment, the reduction in the tax on electricity represents a cost of 8 billion euros for the state, according to the minister. next to what we will have decided in the end to do to keep the Prime Minister’s promise, he added.

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Bruno Le Maire also assured that this promise was not only valid for the start of the year, but for the whole of 2022. It is not a question of telling the French We will try to hold out until the presidential elections and after that we will make a brutal increase, he said.

The surge in electricity prices is fueled by many factors, such as supply tensions this winter and the rise in the prices of CO2 allowances in carbon markets, on which companies are changing their rights to pollute allotted in numbers. limited by authorities. In the long term, France hopes for a reform of the European electricity market so that prices reflect more faithfully the real prices in each country, whereas they are today fixed on the costs of gas and coal power plants, which are now reaching new heights.

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