The Mcdodo 100W is an excellent USB-C charging cable with integrated power meter

One of the most common problems that we can encounter with our electronic gadgets concerns charging.

Is my device charging well? Is the charger broken? Is the cable dead?

You know, those kinds of questions.

Faced with this kind of problem, you can check the health of your accessories with USB testers. But it is not common to always have it on you.

What if there was a cable with a built-in power meter? Surprise, this is the case with the Mcdodo Power Delivery 100 W USB C cable.

A not so gimmicky cable

The accessory has actually been available for some time on Amazon, but there is reason to be skeptical. Generally, these gadget cables are often of poor quality, just like the “innovations” they contain.

But not this cable.

Mcdodo 100W USB-C cable

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First of all, the 1.2 meter cable is robust in addition to being wrapped in braided nylon, which allows it to withstand everyday use. We’ve pulled, twisted, and dragged him, and he seems more than capable of handling that kind of torture. The end caps are of good quality and attach well – we even tried to tear them off – and the cable still looks pristine after a good number of uses.

To put it more simply, it’s a high quality USB-C cable

Note, however, the cable supports USB 2.0 data rates up to 480 kb / s, but is not compatible with the USB-C 3.0 standard.

A powerful wattmeter

Next comes the power meter.

Photo: Adrian Kingsley-Hughes

It is elegantly integrated into one of the connectors. There are no buttons or anything else. Just plug in the cable and it tells you the power delivered.

The specs state that it supports 20V/5A/100W currents. During our tests, it very well supported the power of 100W which passes through it during long charging periods. The cable can charge a 16-inch MacBook Pro M1 at 94W for long periods of time without flinching.

The meter is also accurate enough for most needs. Unless you’re launching rockets into space or doing brain surgery, accuracy within plus or minus 5% will suffice. Our testing suggests that the power meter is well within this acceptable range.


The Mcdodo USB-C cable is a very good accessory to have in your electronic tool bag, especially given its price of €15.99. It is perfect for those who often perform computer diagnostics on the go.

It’s a great buy if you want to get a charging cable and can live with the 480kb/s transfer limitation.

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