the mega discount supermarket chain opens 40 stores in France

A new supermarket chain will appear in France in 2023. Its concept has everything to seduce. We explain to you.

Toujust. This name means nothing to you ? It’s normal. The new brand arriving on the French market will open its first store in Alèsin the Gard, March 1, 2023. Its concept is simple and indicated in its name. “All[t]” proposed and “just” price. Concretely, Toujust wants to compete with low-cost brands such as Lidl or Aldi, with, we are promised, prices “up to 5 to 10% cheaper than at [ses] competitors”indicates to Parisian Fabrice Gerber, the designer of the project. And this, while offering a wider “diversity of offers and services” than these signs. Thus, no less than 7,500 references will be available to customers, more than double what can be found in a Lidl (3,000).

While the French are concerned about eating well, but have to deal with the rise in inflation in recent months, Toujust seems to have everything to seduce. But some will rightly wonder how this new sign can have the insolence to promise “quality products at the right price [qui plus est] cheaper than elsewhere. The idea behind Fabrice Gerber’s project is to remove as many intermediaries possible between the manufacturer and Toujust in order to better pay the producer and offer more affordable prices to consumers.

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What products will be sold at Toujust?

If these industrialists will above all produce white marksi.e. products which should, in principle, be stamped Toujust, articles of national brands will be also on the shelf. “Who can do without Coke, Nutella or Ariel?” concedes to Parisian Fabrice Gerber. These products will be recovered thanks in particular to surplus buybacks. In general, at Toujust, 80% of the products will be food and 70% should be “made in France”reports RMC.

The box of six medium-sized eggs at nearly one euro, 200 g of grated cheese sold for 1.67 euro and 250 g of butter at 1.44 euro, such are the prices that are expected at Toujust. Just wait for a store to open near you. After that of Alès, other stores are expected in the first half of 2023 in Monéteau, in Yonne, Cambrai, in the North, Lempdes, in Puy-de-Dôme, Lens, in Pas-de-Calais, Montauban, in Tarn-et-Garonne, Terrasson, in Dordogne, Saint-Quentin, in Aisne, Saint-Maur, in Indre, or Arbent, in Ain, either a dozen storess, lists The Parisian. For its part, RMC indicates that, in 2023, 40 stores are expected by the distributor. Seventy by 2024. In the viewfinder of Fabrice Gerber term ? A park of 310 points of sale.

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