The Midnight Club canceled by Netflix: the creator keeps his promise and reveals what he had planned for season 2

Thing promised, thing due. Mike Flanagan answered on Tumblr all the questions left unanswered at the end of season 1 of The Midnight Club and revealed his plans for season 2, canceled by Netflix.

Mike Flanagan had promised his fans, if The Midnight Club was canceled by Netflix, then he would answer all the questions left unanswered at the end of season 1. A few days after the bad news, the screenwriter therefore published on Tumblr a long paper where he came back point by point on the mysteries around the series.

If you have a perfect command of English, we let you read the post here. Otherwise, we will try to explain everything to you below:

Who is Dr. Stanton?

Our theories were good: Georgina Stanton is indeed Athena, the daughter of Aceso, the one who launched the sect and who murdered its followers. Reason why she wears the famous tattoo with the hourglass. Her baldness let us understand that she also suffered from cancer and that she follows / followed? chemotherapy, which Flanagan confirms. She would have learned in season 2 that she was in remission.

What is this shadow that attacks teenagers?

Everything suggests that the shadow that attacks the teenagers in season 1 is Death itself, but Flanagan explains that this is not really the case. The characters would have learned in season 2 that the one who embodies Death is the character of the Janitor (played by Robert Longstreet). You know that weird guy we saw doing the sheets after one of the teenagers died? The shadow, on the other hand, represents the unknown and the acceptance of their disappearance.


The Janitor is Death

Who are the two elderly people that we see as a ghost?

We understand at the end of season 1 that it is the Stanleys, the owners of Brightcliffe. But what we would have learned from season 2 of The Midnight Club is that their spirits entered the bodies of Kevin (Igby Rigney) and Ilonka (Iman Benson). This is the reason why they see the Stanleys either looking in the mirror or looking at each other. The latter being soul mates, this is the reason why our two teenagers are attracted to each other.

Who should have died in season 2?

The idea of ​​The Midnight Club was to have a group of teenagers every season. We would therefore have witnessed the disappearance of several characters. Season 2 would have opened with the death of Amesh then Natsuki, then Kevin to end with Ilonka. The latter would have been replaced by new patients.

The only good news that we retain from these announcements made by Flanagan is that of Spence’s remission. The advances of science at that time in the field of AIDS would have allowed him to no longer be considered terminal. We would have seen him leave Brightclifffe at the end of the season, like Sandra…

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