The most beautiful eyeliner trend 2021: This is what the Inner Corner eyeliner can do:

Beauty secret
This simple trick immediately makes your look look special – bet ?!

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A simple look that always looks super special? You can have it! And you don't need much for that …

Do you know that when you can't stop looking at someone but don't know why? It has probably all happened to us before – and today we are going to tell you how you can induce exactly this effect in others. It's just a tiny movement with an XXL effect.

Inner corner eyeliner – with a wow factor

What sometimes attracts us to other people in particular are eyes. We can all influence that very easily – with eyeliner. And no, we're not talking about a normal eyeliner. This one has a special feature because it is drawn in the inner corner of the eye – also called inner corner eyeliner.

Instead of starting the eyeliner – as usual – in the inner corner of the eye, we pull the point out a little further for this look. How far, you decide. The look can be totally minimalistic or maximalistic. For this you need a very fine eyeliner so that the tip in the inner corner is as precise as possible and not so noticeable at all. Use the eyeliner to extend the upper lash line, just one centimeter is enough. Then you connect the line minimally with the lower lash line.

Tip: If the line is too thick for you, soak a fine brush, for example a lip brush, in a little micellar water and touch up the line. This is how it gets really nice. When you pull the eyeliner, look straight ahead in the mirror so you can be sure that the result looks good even with your eyes open and your gaze straight.

If liner, then right

The Inner Corner Eyeliner looks particularly beautiful in combination with a winged liner, but that is not a must. But this gives your eyes a really interesting cat-eye effect, which ensures that others can't keep their eyes off you. If you want, you can of course also emphasize the crease with a little eyeshadow – or wear nothing else. Mascara and that's it.

We promise you, if you wear the look, you will definitely be asked what is different about you. Whether you tell the secret is of course up to you …