The most beautiful hairstyles for the holidays

If outfit and makeup are essential for the holiday season, hairstyle is not to be neglected. Nothing like a party hairstyle to look great for Christmas or New Year! Which one to choose to be trendy and stunning? Here are a multitude of evening hairstyle ideas to inspire you!

The “wet hair” trend

This season, wet hair is back. Whether you have short hair, long hair, or shoulder length hair, this is a style that easily adapts to all and is fairly simple to do yourself. For a wet hair that throws it, style your hair, perfectly straightened beforehand, backwards and apply a wet-effect gel to the roots. For those with long hair, you can use a little oil to give this effect to your lengths. Finish with a bit of strong hold hairspray for a hairstyle that lasts until the end of the evening!

The plated cut

If the wet effect does not block you too much, you can also wear the hair styled back and let go as it is. The extra smooth being very trendy for this season, use your hair straightener for an impeccable result. Little tip: for a impeccable smoothing that lasts a long time and hair protected from the unwanted effects of iron, you can apply a little Elseve Dream Long Smoothing Serum. This anti-frizz treatment, anti static electricity and thermo-protective will also leave a delicate fragrance on your hair.

The party bun

Another evening hairstyle that always looks great: the bun. The advantage of this hairstyle is that it comes in different ways: fuzzy bun, braided bun, low bun, bun bun on the top of the head, banana bun, mini bun, dancer bun … All hair follies are possible, even if you have to have a certain length of hair to make a bun. A hairstyle rather for medium-long or long hair therefore.
To give it a festive look, you can also play on the accessories with a sparkling jewel comb, for example, or use a sparkling lacquer to fix and add some glitter to your hair.


An essential hairstyle classic that will be perfect for an evening, a party or any other special occasion: the ponytail. If the trend is more for the low ponytail at the moment, nothing prevents you from testing its variations: high tail version, half-tail, tousled, with a wavy or waffle effect, with braids for a bohemian hairstyle glamor … Also think of the tie to give style to your hairstyle with a super chic velvet ribbon, multiple ties on the lengths, an original elastic (in a color that clashes or in a particular shape), a jewel barrette a little retro …

The braid

For a trendy hairstyle, don’t forget the braid either. Here again, the choice of model is wide and can be adapted to all occasions (New Year’s Eve, romantic evening, family dinner…). And all types of hair can be suitable. Whether you have curly hair, very curly hair, fine hair, or naturally straight, the braid will look great on you. And just like the ponytail, there are plenty of ties to give you a festive and original look.

A rock hairstyle

Do you have short hair ? Rest assured, we haven’t forgotten you. For an evening or party hairstyle that thrills, adopt the rock trend with styling products (gel, spray, hairspray). Also think about hair accessories (headband, hair clips, scarf, small rhinestone barrettes…) for a stylish and festive hairstyle.

Ephemeral coloring?

Another cool idea: the ephemeral coloring. A few pink or green wicks, bluish, purple or flamboyant red tips … It’s original to have fun and change your head for an evening. Let’s also not forget the glitter (in small touches) to shine during a festive dinner.

Looking for inspiration for your next evening hairstyle? We help you more than one hundred and fifty party hairstyle ideas and other chic, glamorous and trendy evening hairstyles taken from the greatest hairdressers or on the catwalks. Whether you have a long mane, a short cut or shoulder length hair, we bet you will find the hairstyle that will make you the queen of the night!