the most beautiful models for Christmas

For fans of sweet treats, DIY addicts or even those who prefer solo games, here is a selection of 41 original Advent calendars.

They are expected every year almost as impatiently as on Christmas Day. Advent calendars are no longer the preserve of toddlers, we also love to open these little boxes one by one to make tempting discoveries. Here they are finally back, the hardest part will be to wait until December 1 to reveal the first box!

What exactly is Advent?

This tradition dating from the 19th century comes to us from Germany. The advent corresponded to this time during which the faithful made a kind of introspection on themselves in order to be able to welcome and celebrate the coming into the world of Christ. To make the wait a little more fun, the Germans had the good idea to create “a little game” that would make the youngest wait patient: a pious illustrated image was given to them every day until D-Day. Today, this popular custom has taken on a whole new turn, more festive, less pious, more commercial too… but for our greatest pleasure.

An Advent calendar for everyone and for all tastes

Not a brand begins the month of December without its version of the Advent calendar. If the versions filled with chocolates and other sweet delicacies are the most common, they are now signed by big names in pastry and chocolate making such as Ducasse, À la Mère de Famille or Hermé. But behind these little surprise drawers we can also discover tea, honey, cookies and even alcohol, everything to whet our taste buds.

If you are one of those who pay attention to their figure, or if you are not fond of chocolates, there are other calendars to suit everyone. Beauty enthusiasts, for example, are also the best off as this festive start to the month approaches. In fact of precious boxes are published each year in limited series, a good idea of ​​the brands that make them collectable objects of covetousness, which are snapped up like hot cakes!

Forbidden at least 18 years old, some models of calendars are shared by two and make couples happy. There are sex toys, gels and other toys for adults, the promise of an explosive December 24!

And because they are an integral part of the family, we don’t forget our pets. Many specialized brands offer boxes that also allow your furry companions to take part in the festivities. They discover, day after day, crunchy cookies, necklace or other delicacies.

The hardest part will be choosing yours!

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