the most beautiful models to adopt after 40 years

Denim shorts are a must have of the summer wardrobe. What are the models tendency? What shorts to adopt after 40 years? Selection.

Denim shorts are an essential part of the wardrobe. Why ? First, it’s easy to wear. In summer, it doesn’t keep you warm and goes very well with summer tops. We love it too a lot because it is for everyone. Some women sometimes have trouble finding the model ideal because if it is badly chosen, the denim shorts can quickly tighten the thighs or not highlight your body. But keep in mind that the shorts should fit you, not the other way around. There are so many different models that you will like some. Denim shorts can also be shunned by people over 40. The reason : it is considered “too short”, “more of my age”… We hear that very often. However, there is no age to adopt shorts, and more specifically the denim shorts.

Shorts are in fashion right now. loosehigh waist and wider at the thighs and bermudas (those slightly longer shorts). We also really like the cargo shorts, also a little oversizedwhich highlights everyone. The trendy shapes do not mold and are not very short: they are perfect if you were afraid to wear denim shorts.

How to wear denim shorts?

It’s a fashion piece that you will keep for a long time and so much better because it goes with everything. Summer, we love it with a crop top or t-shirt, sandals or sneakers and a white shirt Above. We also really like denim shorts with a bodysuit and a blazer oversized for example. The oversize t-shirt that falls over the shorts or slightly tucked in is also a great option for this summer 2022.

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