The moving testimony of a little boy who witnessed the murder of his mother: “Dad made a big mistake”: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

It is a moving testimony, which has been shared a lot on social networks. Tuesday April 27, 2021, the newspaper The cross published the terrible story of Séverine, a young woman of 29, who was killed by her ex-companion Grégory in 2017, near Cholet, in Maine-et-Loire. Kylian, their eldest son of almost six years, witnessed this scene of incredible violence … Initially, their story was like many others: after the birth of Kylian, their second son, Elie, saw the day. Grégory, who was a team leader in a poultry business, worked a lot and left it to his wife to take care of everything at home. According to close friends of the couple cited by The cross, the father “spoke badly to her, belittled her”. Grégory one day discovered that his partner had a lover, and the couple broke up.

The young father quickly fell into depression, but always refused to be treated. To maintain the bond between the children and their father, Séverine continued to present them to her at her home. It was then that things got out of hand: after hitting her for the first time on the thighs, Grégory broke his nose. The authorities did not react despite the complaint filed … Shocked by what he sees at home, little Kylian began to talk to their relatives: “You like auntie a lot because you don’t bang her and you don’t pull her hair “, he explained for example to the husband of his nanny.

“And then I say that I will have no more mom”

The tragedy occurred on April 4, 2017. During an argument, Grégory kicked his ex-wife about ten. Right in the face. The forensic expert counted seven fractures in all and Kylian attended the whole scene. The video of his testimony was shown during the trial held on Wednesday April 21, 2021 and for the following three days. “Mum, she was at home and daddy, he pushed mum, and then kicked her. There was blood all over the place. and afterwards, I say that I will have no more mom “, he explained. “Dad made a big mistake and after that my mom died “.

In shock, the little one tried to protect his mother: “I hit daddy because I wanted to stop her. I also wanted to call the hospital so that they put her in the hospital bed. That way, after that, she will be no longer dead.”. Four years after the incident, the two boys now live with their maternal grandmother. They are fine, but Kylian was traumatized by these terrible memories. The little boy continues to have nightmares and to claim his mother …

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