the musketeer tomcat returns, in the midst of an existential crisis


A fine career, that of Puss in Boots! Appeared in Shrek 2, in 2004, the red-haired feline, wearing a hat and boots like a musketeer, initially imposed itself with patience and discretion. We find it, in fact, in the credits of the following films (Shrek, the thirdreleased in 2007, and Shrek 4. Once upon a time, in 2010), but always in a secondary role. Whatever. The public notices him and shows a certain enthusiasm for him.

Attentive to the sirens heralding success, the creators of the DreamWorks studio then took the gamble of building a feature film just on its head. Written by Tom Wheeler and directed by Chris Miller, The Puss in Bootslaunched in theaters in 2011, is a triumph, registers 3.5 billion dollars at the global box office, propels the feline to the rank of star and leaves little suspense as to the possibility of a second part.

Eleven years later, it’s done. The cat returns, with his same Hispanic accent (the voice of Antonio Banderas) and his same proud look, but much less a hero than before, because this time he is faced with an existential crisis that forces him to introspect. This shift led by director Joel Crawford and screenwriter Paul Fisher – a duo who had worked on the Croods 2. A New Era (2020) – promotes the second degree, gives a new meaning to the adventure and brings nuance to the character. It benefits the film.

Western and fairy tale

We had known him full of himself, egocentric, narcissistic and invincible. In fact, in the first installment, he had shown himself to be courageous and pugnacious, had overcome all the dangers and achieved his quest. Only here, as we learn, by a series of flashbacks, the second episode, this excess of zeal made lose eight lives to our pretentious. As everyone knows, cats have nine, so there is only one left. Awareness is tough. Fortunately, an opportunity presents itself that could reset the counters to zero. All the feline has to do is pick up the wishing star hidden at the bottom of the Dark Forest.

Now vulnerable, the tomcat is cautious and doesn’t hesitate to ask his former partner and lover, Kitty Paws of Velvet, for help. The two, flanked by a wandering and mangy mutt with an unwavering good mood (the funniest character in the film), undertake a journey during which they will have to face some enemies, also in search of the star: Goldilocks and his three bears; Big Jack Horner, the mafia giant full of gall and resentment.

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