The Mysteries of Love: 30 years after Hélène and the boys, Laly and Sébastien soon reunited?

While season 29 of “Mysteries of love” is coming to an end on TMC, Laly Meignan spoke about the couple formed by Laly and José in the series but also about her desires concerning the evolution of his character…

Currently in The Mysteries of Love on TMC, Laly and José (Philippe Vasseur) have decided to take their sentimental relationship out into the open. Thus, after months of hesitation, the great friends of Hélène (Hélène Rollès), Nicolas (Patrick Puydebat) and the others officially try their luck by forming an explosive tandem on the screen!

Laly Meignan, the interpreter of the one who regularly has visions in the series, confided in our colleagues from Télé-Loisirs about the evolution of her character. In all honesty, the actress also returned to her relationship with her present and past play partners.

What future for José and Laly?

The actress, who recently met one of her biggest fans in the person of Julien Doré, gave her opinion on the future of José and Laly as a couple… And the least we can say is that she is not very optimistic!

She says: “Laly and José are the two free electrons of the series. José made children left to right. Laly rather lived single, having adventures. Both are together and make each other feel good. They don’t make predictions about the future. I don’t think they’re an established couple. There are always possibilities…

In this field of possibilities, would a possible comeback by Sébastien Courivaud, who played the heroine’s first boyfriend at the time of Hélène and the boys, be one day possible? According to Laly Meignan nothing is unfortunately less certain…

Sébastien and Laly reunited in “The Mysteries of Love”?

She explains : “I no longer have any connection with Sébastien Courivaud. He’s someone I appreciated professionally and amicably when I worked with him. I have nothing against, nor for. I never really asked myself the question.”

In fact, I find it very surprising to see that people are attached to couples as if they need a certain stability that they do not find in their own life, continues Laly Meignan. But in reality, people sometimes have to change partners.”

Soon a real job for Laly?

Finally, while season 30 of Mysteries of Love is already pointing the tip of her nose (the launch is scheduled for October 30 on TMC), Laly Meignan reveals what she would like to bring to life for the protagonist she embodies for three decades: find him a real job!

I would like Laly to have a profession, which could give her some depth and give her different moods. As I love horses and nature, I thought she could work in an equestrian center or become a nurseryman…“A good listener!

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