The Navigo Pass can be integrated into iPhones in 2023


A real headache for several years, the integration of the Navigo Pass within the iPhone should materialize in 2023, reports Le Parisien this Thursday, February 17. The iPhone will not be used as simple relays to buy packages, but will be real “cards” that can replace the current pass in credit card format.

Île-de-France Mobilités and Apple confirm that they have worked together to integrate this technology into iPhones, through the Apple Wallet application, which can also be used on Apple Watch. Concretely, this dematerialized navigo pass will be rechargeable from your mobile and without having to go through a terminal.

It should probably be possible to buy single tickets, but also weekly or monthly (or even annual) packages via the Ile-de-France Mobilités, RATP or SNCF Connect applications which could be compatible with this system. However, this last point has not yet been detailed by the two parties.

An expanded feature on Android this year

In order to obtain an almost equivalent dematerialized service, it was necessary until now to turn to Samsung mobiles, under Android. Ile-de-France has also announced its intention to extend to other brands of smartphones under the Google system the possibility of integrating the navigo pass into their terminal. A step forward which could be accessible from next summer, as Ile-de-France Mobilités specified last November.

In its article, Le Parisien specifies that the addition of this function to Apple iPhones will be done in the course of the year 2023. A symbolic step which should allow the various transport services to get in tune with the 2024 Olympics. in Paris, in order to offer tourists a more modern means of getting around the region.


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