the new event series is finally available, it’s extremely promising

Netflix is ​​releasing something new today that should get a lot of attention. An event series adapted from an ultra popular license.

In Netflix adaptations, there is often food and drink. While some have worked really well, like One Piece Or Avatar the Last Airbender, although this last series divides, others have failed like Resident Evil for example. However, when a film or series from an ultra popular license arrives, it is always a big event. This is the case today with the new program of the platform which, in addition to surfing on a well-known franchise and very appreciated by anime fans, offers a director of great talent.

A new event adaptation on Netflix, a future hit?

Aliens who take possession of humans discreetly and whose transformations distort the human body to grotesque and sometimes even downright disturbing proportions. Does it ring a bell ? However, we are talking about a very popular manga, Parasite (Or Parasyte) drawn by Hitoshi Iwaaki then adapted into an anime in the 2010s. But after being a hit in manga, anime and even film format, Parasyte returns in live action series format with Parasyte The Grayand it’s available now on Netflix.

It is neither a reboot nor a sequel, but indeed an adaptation. The series will make us follow the adventures of a young woman who must learn to live with one of these famous alien parasites who, strangely, is not as hostile as expected, which is not really the case with her conspecifics having taken possession of a very large number of hosts.

The trailer, available for some time, already sets the tone. Visually, not only does Parasyte The Gray look particularly faithful, but also very impressive. Halfway between The Thing And The Faculty, this invasion of creatures will not happen without disgusting clashes between possessed humanoids now capable of unsavory physical mutations. Behind the camera is director Yeon Sang-Ho, a successful Korean director to whom we owe The Last Train to Busan and Peninsula and Hellbound. On paper, Parasyte The Gray has everything to please and attract science fiction fans, it remains to be seen what the series is really worth in terms of length.

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