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The CDU has to reorganize itself in the opposition. The basis puts a lot of hope in Friedrich Merz. He is expected to be elected party leader on Saturday.

The economically liberal politician will unite the party and will also have to take the left wing of the CDU with him. Sean Zielinski is in the Christian Social Workers’ Association CDA, the social wing of the CDU. He misses the socio-political heart in the CDU, especially in many in the Junge Union, and opposes it. “It can’t be that people have to work their whole lives and then have to starve in old age.”

A good pension, fair pay, fair working conditions: the business student is committed to such concerns. For him it could have been the SPD, but that’s too left-wing for him in Berlin and he’s a Berliner after all. And Angela Merkel isn’t just the chancellor he grew up with. It’s also right on his line, he says.

“Merkel is the best example of a policy for all Germans. She really was a chancellor for everyone, for which she doesn’t just get praise within the party.” The CDU definitely had the claim with Merkel. The social wing of the CDU, unlike the business wing, is not particularly loud. The CDA is well anchored in this regard. Some of the figureheads are missing, such as Norbert Blüm, Minister under Helmut Kohl.


Friedrich Merz has been a member of the Bundestag and a candidate for the CDU presidency since 2021.

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Merz is the epitome of the business wing. However, when he ran for the presidency, he made social policy a priority. Will that be taken away from him? “I was a bit skeptical at first, I definitely had another favorite when I first made the choice. But I’m more concerned with what’s really happening than with the person up there.”

You have to give someone a chance first. And that’s why I give it to him.

At the CDA, there is no consensus as to whether Merz can do it all. But Zielinski says: “You have to give someone a chance first. And that’s why I’m giving it to him.” He’s not alone in that. What gives him confidence is the new Secretary General.

Merz suggested Berlin’s Mario Czaja for the post. Zielinski is enthusiastic: “He won directly in Marzahn-Hellersdorf. And this against Petra Pau, a left-wing politician who you really know. That’s a great achievement. That’s why he came to the fore.”


Mario Czaja got votes in a Berlin constituency that otherwise tends to vote left.

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Czaja – his mother is a nurse, his father an electrician – sees the perspective of people from socially disadvantaged milieus, says Zielinski. “We also need workers on the federal executive board, people who work in the trades.” It is important that people from all areas are represented.

“Because it’s not too many cooks that spoil the broth, but too many of the same cooks that spoil the broth.” So now Friedrich Merz comes to the CDU pots as a chef. The 23-year-old does not accept that at the age of 66 he does not exactly look like a rejuvenator.


The Christian Democratic workforce, CDA for short, is socially shaped.

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“Age is not so important for a politician, but what he does.” The man has charisma, according to the student. “And if Merz is someone who picks people up, takes them in and can also speak well, then I’m really happy and people miss that too.”

Who will be the leader of the parliamentary group in the Bundestag?

For the time being, it remains unclear whether Merz also wants to become a group leader. Until the end of April it’s still Ralph Brinkhaus, he wants to stay that way. The big question is whether the two will enter into a deal or whether there will be a fight.

“Merz can do that if he wants to, and I would find it strange if he didn’t do it,” says Zielinski. “I think it’s appropriate.” And how should it continue then? “I’m curious what happens. The worst thing would be if nothing happened.”

Faces from the new Bundestag

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