the new trend for glowing skin

Coming straight from South Korea, this new skincare trend is a worthy replacement for glass skin. With it, the goal is to have brighter skin without the slightest flaw, all with the help of a simple routine that you just need to put in place.

It’s no longer to be proven, most of the skincare trends come from South Korea. Fabric masks, layering, double cleansing, essences … Today, all of this is part of our skincare routines to have healthy skin. But social networks, and in particular TikTok, are also trendsetters. So when a new skincare technique from South Korea buzzes on TikTok, there is no doubt that it will establish itself as THE trend of the moment. And that’s what’s happening right now with crystal skin, a kind of glass skin 2.0. Crystal skin – which literally means “crystal skin” – focuses on a transparent, ultra-luminous and radiant complexion. A fresh and smooth complexion, which is the sign of a healthy epidermis. According to experts, as Tiff Salmon explains in a Glamor UK article, crystal skin is all the more interesting because its benefits are seen over time and the radiance it gives the skin is more likely to stay for the long haul.

A simple routine but well adapted to the type of skin

The most important thing if you want to adopt crystal skin is to choose the products and active ingredients that you are going to apply to your skin. Certain combinations can damage your skin, create irritations, plaques or cause you allergic reactions. It is therefore important, above all, to know your skin and its needs. The goal is to find the right active ingredients that are suitable for your skin type and condition, and to keep this routine for the long term. In general, in your care, you need regenerating ingredients like retinol or fruit acids, moisturizing ingredients like hyaluronic acid, ingredients that protect the skin’s natural barrier like ceramides, and nourishing active ingredients such as vegetable oils for example. Even if your skin is not dry, vegetable oils are important for restoring a good skin barrier, in addition to maintaining an optimal level of hydration. There are many vegetable oils, and therefore necessarily one suitable for each type of skin. For example, jojoba oil is perfect for combination to oily skin, rosehip oil for mature skin, wheat germ oil for reactive skin, or sweet almond oil for sensitive skin. sensitive skins.

The most important thing is to know what you are going to apply to your face, and not to accumulate as much product as possible. To have a crystal skin, it is also important to keep in mind one of the fundamental principles of layering: apply the products that suit you in an order that takes into account their viscosity. The ones that are the most fluid are to be used first. This is the case with serum, toner or lotion. The creamiest ones should be applied last. This is the case with eye contour care or night cream. And on top of that, once a week, add a hydrating mask to your routine to boost the radiance and hydration of your epidermis.

4 products to create your crystal skin routine

Facial massage, the key to crystal skin

The crystal skin is not only obtained by the careful choice of the care you will bring to your skin. It is also recommended to perform a facial massage using a jade roller. In addition to helping the penetration of your care (especially your facial oil), it is very useful for reducing the bags under your eyes, boosting blood circulation and thus naturally boosting the radiance of your complexion. , or even firm your skin. For more efficiency, especially to reduce your bags under the eyes, you can place your jade roller in the fridge in your refrigerator and take it out every morning for your massage.

Terresa jade roll

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By following these tips and keeping your new beauty routine for the long haul, crystal skin will be your new skin. More radiance, fewer wrinkles and fewer skin imperfections: what more could you ask for?

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