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Not totally different from our favorite way to make up our eyes with eyeliner, but breathe new life into the way we draw our line: the kitten eye is a canon eye makeup on the way to dethrone the famous cat eye. We present it to you.

Let it be said, whether we know how to draw it like a pro or not, the eyeliner remains an essential makeup product that is at the origin of an equally iconic beauty look: the cat eye, that comma eyeliner that gives us real cat eyes. But lately, it’s a whole new way of wearing it that is causing a sensation on social networks, Instagram and TikTok in mind: the kitten eye or kitten eyes in the language of Molière. Also taking his sweet name from the beautiful feline look he draws us, the kitten eye is indeed establishing itself as THE new trendy way to wear eyeliner that has everything to steal the show at cat eye.

the kitten eye, a new canon version of the cat eye

If these two ways of wearing eyeliner offer a feline look, the kitten eye revisits the timeless trait of cat eye making it softer and more blurry. In short, it offers a very different rendering than that of the cat eye whose result is intense so that one displays a dramatic look. Where the traditional cat eye put on a straight line at the level of the eyelashes and a comma just as deep and thick (and therefore obvious) at the outer corner of the eye, the kitten eye reveals itself at the turn of a more delicate line along the eyelid and a delicately blurred tip. Thanks to this thinner comma whose line is smoked at the outer corner of the eyes, the kitten eye is a make-up of the eyes much more subtle than the cat eye (although it also stretches the eyes). Hence its name referring to the cute look of the kitten, compared to the piercing gaze of the cat. Softer color, finer line and faded comma are therefore the keys to perfect kitten eye.
The result in pictures >> right here <<

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How to do kitten eye makeup?

If black eyeliner purists will draw the finest lines along the lashes with their favorite product before blending it at the comma level with a hint of dark gray eye shadow to get the look there is an easier way to create it. One that does not require as much dexterity, and that’s good because there is no make-up artist who wants to.
You may have guessed it, this thin and fuzzy line of eyeliner is also readily realized … without eyeliner ! Indeed, you can also swap your eyeliner foreye shadow – the trend is to choose it in a shade of brown rather than black – and a angled brush simply !

Here is the technique in detail:

  • Using the angled brush, take a little brown eyeshadow and then draw a fine line at the level of the eyelashes.
  • Extend the line at the outer corner of the eye to create the comma.
  • Blend it lightly with the brush to give it the characteristic look of kitten eye.
  • Reproduce exactly the same gestures on the second eye.

Here you are with the perfect kitten eye !

All you have to do is finalize your eye make-up with a little mascara for an irresistible look.

A great tip for a perfect eyeliner stroke:

Video by Clementine Fitaire

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