The newspapers of the Arte channel disrupted by a social movement

“In its programs, Arte is the white knight in the defense of social rights around the world. Yet internally, the company treats its freelancers and contract workers as an adjustment variable. “ This scathing observation constitutes the starting point of the mobilization which, Wednesday, May 26, disturbed the newspapers of Arte. Signed by the Society of Journalists (SDJ) of the Franco-German channel and the DJV and ver.di unions in Germany, SNJ and UNSA in France, it denounces the management of precariousness in the company, which risks to “Create in the years to come a sub-caste of downgraded personnel”.

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To understand the reasons for the conflict, it is necessary to return to the elaboration of a broad “Integration plan” initiated in 2018 and intended to regularize the situation of around 150 freelance and intermittent workers by creating around 100 full-time equivalents over ten years. Such as to satisfy all the parties concerned, however, the operation includes a condition deemed embarrassing, which the strikers are now asking to be withdrawn: the establishment of a ceiling of 60 working days per year for newcomers.

“This creates absurd situations, for which two people follow one another on the same position so that each does not exceed 60 days of activity, while neither can decently live off it”, indicates a journalist. Not only is the precariousness increased, but the prospects of integration become chimerical in the eyes of young freelancers and recourse to industrial tribunals, impossible, she adds.

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“Respect for the budgetary framework”

“Bruno Patino [président du GEIE et d’Arte France] received us at the beginning of the year, and listened to us, recognizes Evelyne Herber, the SNJ union representative. He introduced a little flexibility into the system, but the rule has not changed. “ A “Warm streik”, or “Warning strike” of an hour took place last week, heralding the first real strike organized in Arte since that of 1999, linked to the implementation of the 35-hour week. The midday edition of “Arte Journal” did not take place, the 19:45 one did. “In degraded mode” (an all in pictures without a presenter), while the seven minutes of the newspaper for juniors broadcast each day at 7 a.m. could not be put in a box.

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